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   The University of Arkansas – Monticello acts as legal publisher for UAM student publications. As representatives of Arkansas, the Board of Trustees retains the final local authority for policy matters regarding this online news publication. 

   The University and Board of Trustees realize that student publications comprise an ongoing, living experiment in professional journalism. As such, student publications strive to operate in an independent manner free of unwanted influence or censorship. Student publications will also strive to act responsibly within the constraints of the First Amendment, and will acknowledge and correct inevitable errors in a straightforward, professional manner.

   The School of Arts & Humanities will absorb expenses accrued from the operation of this newspaper. Title to all real and personal property of Student Publications is vested in and subject to the control of the School of Arts & Humanities.

   The Dean of the School of Arts & Humanities appoints a staff adviser, typically a faculty member in the Communication department. The adviser provides professional advice, counsel and criticism to the student publication's staff. The Student Publications' Committee handles questions of funding and operation not handled by the adviser, including staff appeals.

   The chart at right provides a visual explanation of the hierarchy of Student Publications. This should be used by staff reporters to determine to whom they will report.


   The adviser shall advise. According to the College Media Advisers' code of ethics, the adviser shall not write, edit or publish for student publications, i.e. "Student media should always consist of student work." 

   Student journalists will not be expected to be accomplished in their chosen field. Therefore, a professional will provide assistance, advice, counsel and criticism in the day-to-day operation of the news site. To perform the job adequately, he/she must possess access to student work at all times, and the student must have access to his/her services. 

   While students publish The Voice for the UAM community, the adviser shall provide criticism/feedback in hopes of keeping mistakes to a minimum and improving the product over the course of a semester. 

   In the event of a dispute between the editorial staff and the adviser regarding an article the adviser deems libelous or legally dangerous, the Dean of the School of Arts & Humanities should be consulted and then a legal expert if needed. If no clear decision is reached between the editorial staff and university personnel, the article will be dropped.  

   If problems arise between members of the editorial staff concerning story coverage, the adviser should serve as a mediator. His/her decision should be final unless appealed to the Dean of the School of Arts & Humanities.

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