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   The University of Arkansas – Monticello’s journalism laboratory primarily serves:  (1) to instruct communication students, (2) to provide an opportunity for communication students to practice the journalism profession and (3) to serve all members of the UAM community as a vehicle of communication for news, announcements and other events pertaining to the university, and as a forum for readers to express diverse opinions

   Student publications currently publishes the online news source, The Voice. This publication serves the campus community — students, faculty, staff, alumni and eligible public.

   The Voice publishes during the fall and spring semesters. It should be a true reflection of the community it serves. Information presented in The Voice by no means reflects the opinions of the UAM administration or staff. Established by and funded through the UAM School of Arts & Humanities, the online news source serves as a hands-on laboratory experience for students majoring in journalism or a related field.  However, the opportunity to enroll in the laboratory is open to any UAM student. 

   The mission statement forms the basis for guidelines for the online news source’s operation.  These guidelines will be updated periodically as a result of careful study and communication between the staff and the School of Arts & Humanities.

    According to the American Society of Newspaper Editors, the primary function of legitimate news operations “is to communicate to the human race what its members do, feel and think.”  Publications inform, interpret, influence and entertain.  In accepting the guarantees of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, journalists also accept the responsibility to serve society.  These responsibilities include being fair, accurate, honest, independent and decent. 

   Working for student publications in any capacity indicates a willingness to abide by these principles. It also indicates an acknowledgement that the campus community views employees of Student Publications as professionals, and a willingness to act like one. 

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