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The Student Publications Office resides in 106 Wells Hall. 


The mailing address for student publications is:

Student Publications
University of Arkansas – Monticello
C/O School of Arts and Humanities
P.O. Box 3460
358 University Drive
Monticello, Arkansas 71656

Email: thevoice@uamont.edu

Landline: 870-460-1997 | FAX 870-460-1961 (A&H office)


Article assignments will be placed on the large white marker board in the Student Publications' office. Communication between editors and staff members will be through campus email or via phone. Specific messages for each editor should be sent to her/his email address. Because The Voice reports the news, you must make sure the appropriate person receives any message you take.


The telephone may be used for local calls only.  Dial "9" to obtain an outside line, then the seven digit number you are calling.  If calling to another campus location, simply pick up the phone and dial the four-digit extension, i.e. you need not dial the "460" prefix on a campus line-to-campus line phone call.

If you are in the office when the phone rings, answer it.  Every staff member should answer incoming calls, "Student Publications Lab, this is (YOUR NAME)."  Forward the call and/or message to the appropriate staff member.


The Student Publications Office should be treated as a place of business during business hours. Staffers should conduct themselves professionally during business hours, including refraining from cursing or shouting. Many people pass through the Student Publications Office at different times during the day, and we do not want a negative image cast upon us.


Staffers may use the office for work at any time during normal business hours. If available computers are not needed for a student publications' assignment, they may be used by the staff for schoolwork, checking e-mail and researching the World Wide Web. Remember, food and drinks may not be consumed near the computer stations.

Editors will be presented a key to the Student Publications Office for use after normal hours. Should a staff writer need access after normal business hours, he/she should be accompanied by an editor. 


Unless an editor or the Student Publications Lab Assistant is present, the Student Publications Office will remain locked. To obtain access to the lab during normal university business hours, call 460-1078 or stop by the School of Arts and Humanities Office located on the first floor of the Memorial Classroom Building.


All staff members must keep the office clean. Clutter often causes work to be lost or problems to occur. Remember, the Student Publications Lab is open to all students interested in publications. Therefore, do not leave personal term papers, etc. out in eyesight and expect to find them in that same spot the next day.


Supplies in the Student Publications Lab are are not for personal use, but should only be used for official business. Because the lab operates on a limited budget, individual staff members bear the responsibility of basic supplies.

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