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Social work professor places second

Toccara Galbert
Contributing Writer

   Alyssa Vougas was a candidate for this year's Alpha Chi Rookie of the Year competition in which she placed second. Although Vougas has been here for three years, she may be new to those of us not in the field of social work.

   Vougas, born and raised in Chicago, Ill., attended Beloit University in Beloit, Wis., where she received a bachelor's degree in sociology. Afterward she attended Smith College in North Hampton, Mass. At Smith College she earned her master's degree in social work. Vougas is currently working on her doctorate degree in social work from the University of Texas--Austin.

   At the University of Arkansas at Monticello, Vougas teaches social work classes. She is also one of the directors of field work in that division. She defines social work as a knowledge that empowers people. The root of social work is social justice.

   "Social work is just a strive to end social injustice; one obtains this through research and working with others," Vougas said.

   Aside from her job at UAM, Vougas works part time at the Delta Counseling Center in Monticello. She is also a licensed Clinic Social Worker. This allows her to give therapy to couples, individuals and groups. She is licensed in the state of Arkansas and New Hampshire.

   When Vougas is not busy teaching classes, taking classes or counseling; she enjoys reading, writing, hiking, running and kayaking.

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