The UAM Student Government Association (SGA) has now combined with the UAM Student Activities Board (SAB), allowing the SAB to become a committee overseen by the SGA.  This committee is made up of members of the SGA Senators, an Executive Cabinet, and UAM Students.  The SAB  has a Chairperson, Secretary, a Marketing Chairperson, and Voting Members.  The SAB is open for anyone to attend. 


The co-curricular program plays a central role in the development of students at UAM.  A variety of activities and programs and numerous student organizations are available to students throughout the year.  These activities and organizations are provided to encourage student participation, to offer varied cultural and entertainment experiences, and to promote the maturation of students.  In addition  to these continuous opportunities, UAM also offers a series of special events to students.  These include Homecoming, Parent/Family Appreciation Day, Wellness Fair, and Occupational Fairs.  The SAB is a student group which is a major organizer of special events.

Students can learn of these many opportunities through "THE Voice."  This is a weekly newspaper available to students, faculty, staff, and community members. It is produced by the UAM Journalism Club. To view the current version of the online Voice, please click. 
The Voice

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