UAM Faculty Research Cited By Wall Street Journal

MONTICELLO, AR —Psychological research written by two faculty members of the University of Arkansas at Monticello was referenced in a story in the October 7 edition of the The Wall Street Journal.

WSJ writer Nicholas G. Carr cited the research in an article titled "How Smartphones Hijack Our Minds." Garr, a writer who has published books and articles on technology, business, and culture, mentioned the importance of the study written by Dr. Seungyeon Lee, an assistant professor of psychology, and Dr. Myeong W. Kim, an associate professor of psychology, in collaboration with three other researchers in Alabama and Nebraska.

The research paper, entitled “The Effects of Cell Phone Use and Emotion-Regulation Style on College Students’ Learning,” was published in Applied Cognitive Psychology in April 2017, a peer-reviewed journal that publishes papers on a wide variety of issues and from theoretical perspectives in cognitive psychology.  

The authors examined the way in which different cell phones affected learning in the classroom. The findings indicated that participants who did not use their cell phones at all scored approximately one letter grade higher on the test than those who were allowed to use their cell phones. “The study brings some important implications for people’s use of cell phones. It also brings possible promotion of cell phone policy in the classroom,” said Lee.

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