UAM Division of Music and SEARK Concert Association Calendar of Events Fall 2016

September 15 (7 p.m.)                                                                  

2016 National Federation of Music Clubs Young Artist Matthew Lipman, Violist, Fine Arts Center auditorium (SEARK Concert Association)


September 27 (7 p.m.)                          

Guest Artist Ronald Radford, Flamenco Guitarist **, Fine Arts Center auditorium

(SEARK Membership Event)


October 11 (3-9 p.m.)                                                         

Kappa Kappa Psi Invitational Marching Contest, Convoy Leslie Cotton Boll Stadium


October 18 (8 p.m.)                                                             

UAM Marching Band performance, Region Marching Exhibition, Warren, Ark.


November 10-11 (7:30 p.m.)                                                  

Music Theatre Workshop Fall Operas, Sunday Excursion, Hin und Zuruck, & The Telephone, Fine Arts Center auditorium


November 13-18

UAM Jazz Ensemble I Tour (Arkansas and Texas)


November 17 (7:30 p.m.)                                                    

Concert Choir Fall Concert, Fine Arts Center auditorium, Kent Skinner Conductor


November 21 (7:30 p.m.)                                                     

UAM Jazz Band I Concert, Fine Arts Center auditorium, Gary Meggs, Director                              


November 29 (6 p.m.)           

Monticello Christmas Parade, UAM Marching Band, Justin Anders, Director                                      


December 3 (7 p.m.)                                                              

Beale Canto Christmas**, Fine Arts Center auditorium

(SEARK Concert Association)


December 5 (7:30 p.m.)                                                            

UAM Jazz Band II & III Concert, Fine Arts Center auditorium, Claude Askew & Donald Marchand, Directors                                                                 


December 6 (7 p.m.)                                                             

UAM Symphonic Band & Concert Band Christmas Concert, Fine Arts Center auditorium, John Webb and Justin Anders, Directors


*For Tickets contact the Arkansas Choral Society @ 501-376-8484

** SEARK Admission will be charged. 

UAM students free with I.D. and complimentary advance ticket.

For reservations, call 460-1060. 

All other events are FREE of charge.