Restructuring Of Enrollment Management Component Announced As Part Of Student Success Initiative

MONTICELLO, AR — University of Arkansas at Monticello Chancellor Karla Hughes today announced the restructuring of the university’s enrollment management component to streamline and improve the efficiency of student recruitment and student special services.

            The restructuring is part of a Student Success Initiative implemented by Dr. Hughes to raise retention and graduation rates and improve the overall college experience for students attending UAM.  “I believe the enrollment management model we’re creating will better serve the institution as we create a greater alignment between academics and student life,” Hughes explained. “It is consistent with the creation of a model open enrollment institution to address the needs and scope of our student population, including international and transfer students as well as individuals with special needs.”

            As part of the restructuring, the Office of Admissions will move to the Office of Student Affairs under the leadership of Vice Chancellor Jay Hughes. Tawana Greene, currently the director of Upward Bound, will serve as the new executive director of enrollment management, supervising admissions, Upward Bound, counseling, testing and career services as well as international students and special services. Mary Whiting, formerly the director of admissions, will become director of student special services.

            “Moving enrollment management to the Office of Student Affairs was the right fit for the campus,” said Chancellor Hughes. “As a former public school administrator, Jay Hughes knows how to reach out to high schools to create and maintain positive relationships. With Tawana Greene’s background in Upward Bound and working with high school students, she brings a special skill set to our recruitment efforts. We are also grateful for Mary Whiting’s many years of work in admissions and believe her experience with student special services will help ease any obstacles that might impede their ultimate success.”

            Jay Hughes said the restructuring moves the university forward toward “meeting the goals of the Student Success Initiative. Student Affairs has worked closely with the Office of Admissions for a number of years on events such as Welcome Week and Freshmen Orientation,” he explained.  “It makes sense to combine recruiting and student special services with residence life, student activities and the other parts of Student Affairs to create a seamless experience for student success.”

            According to Chancellor Hughes, no changes will be made to the admissions staff other than filling three positions that are currently vacant.

            For more information, contact Jim Brewer, director of media services, at (870) 460-1274.


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