Field Biology/Geology/History trip to the Canyonlands

June 2007

In June 2007, Dr. Jim Edson, Dr. Bill Shea, and I took students to the Canyonlands area of Utah and Arizona to study the wildlife, geology, and history of the area.  Here are some photos from the trip.


Participants in the trip:  (front row, left to right):  Courtney Todd, Kristin Manazir, Deb Paul, Susan Buntin, Christy Holland, Diane Garbooshian, Jill Glomb, Sylvia Ngar, Donna Herndon, Ashley Powell, Bankie Holley, Dr. Bill Shea, and Dr. Jim Edson, (back row, left to right):  David Streeter, Lance Douglas, Susan Berryman, Rona Carethers, and Dr. Don Holley.  Not shown:  John Hunt (I'm taking the picture).


View from one of the trails at Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.


Dr. Bill Shea describing the Mountain Meadows Massacre at the site where it occurred in southwestern Utah.  Arkies beware!


Warning to passersby about maurading "buffalows," in Springdale, near Zion National Park, Utah.


Dr. Jim Edson uses the entire earth as his chalkboard while discussing the geology of Zion National Park.


This raven agreed to have his picture made for this website.


The Grand Canyon from the North Rim.