BIOL 3413—Mammalogy

The objective of this class is to introduce the student to characteristics, origins, ecology, behavior, reproduction, physiology, diversity, and taxonomy of mammals.  I hope you will find it both challenging and fun.  On this page you will find information and links to help you during the class.  You will also find lecture outlines for each chapter.  Please note that these are only outlines--they are not meant to substitute for detailed notes that you should take in class!

Class syllabus.

Lab syllabus.

Graduate syllabus.

Checklist of Arkansas mammals.

Connior, 2010:  Annotated Checklist of the Recent Wild Mammals of Arkansas.


List of domesticated mammals.

Habitat of Drew County mammals.

Meanings of scientific names of wild and domesticated animals of Arkansas.

Ouachita Mountains Biological Station web site.

Chapter 1 Outline--Introduction and Review.

Chapter 2 Outline--History of Mammalogy.

Chapter 3 Outline--Techniques for Studying Mammals.

Chapter 4 Outline--Evolution of Mammals and Mammalian Characters.

Chapter 5 Outline--Part 1--Integument.

Chapter 5 Outline--Part 2--Modes of Locomotion.

Chapter 6 Outline--Foods and Feeding in Mammals.

Chapter 7 Outline--Sensory Systems and Biological Rhythms.

Chapter 8 Outline--Part 1--Adaptations to Cold.

Chapter 8 Outline--Part 2--Adaptations to Heat.

Chapter 9 Outline--Reproduction.

Chapter 10 Outline--Monotremes and Marsupials.

Chapter 11 Outline--Insectivores and Relatives.

Chapter 12 Outline--Chiroptera.

Chapter 13 Outline--Primates.

Chapter 14 Outline--Cingulata, Pilosa, Pholidota, and Tubulidentata.

Chapter 15 Outline--Carnivora.

Chapter 16 Outline--Cetacea.

Chapter 17 Outline--Rodentia and Lagomorpha.

Chapter 18 Outline--Proboscidea, Hyracoidea, and Sirenia.

Chapter 19 Outline--Perissodactyla and Artiodactyla.

Chapter 20 Outline--Communication, Aggression, and Spatial Relations.

Chapter 22 Outline--Sexual Selection, Parental Care, and Mating Systems.

Chapter 28 Outline--Domestication.

Chapter 29 Outline--Conservation of Mammals.


American Society of Mammalogists.

Bat Conservation International.

Endangered Mammals.

Evolution of South American Mammals.

Hall of Mammals.

Mammal Species of the World.

Skunk Information.

Dr. Don White's home page.  (Follow the links to see his mammalogy pages.)