Interesting Links:

UAM Home     University of Arkansas-Monticello home page.

Math & Science     UAM School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences.

ANHC     Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission.

Nat'l Geographic     National Geographic News.


Koshland     Information on Global Warming.


Real Climate    Current news on Global Warming.


Tyson    My labmate, Kevin Smith, is the Associate Director of the Tyson Research Center at

                                Washington University in St. Louis, and was instrumental in building their new ultra-green

                                education center.


Kilgore     My labmate, Charles Kilgore, a wildlife biologist.  


artsciencegallery     My friend, Haley Gillespie, an ecologist, teacher, artist, and gallery owner.


Biology Poem    "Lament of a Field Biologist," by George Folkerts. 


Liberal Plot?     Letter to the editor of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette concerning Global Warming.     


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