Biology 2153—General Zoology

(ACTS 1054, when combined with BIOL 2161)

School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences


Instructor:  Dr. John L. Hunt.  Office:  B-11, Science Center.  Phone:  870-460-1466.  E-mail


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Class Syllabus.

Exam Grades.

Lecture Outlines--These are only outlines, and are not intended to replace the detailed notes you should take in class.

Chapter 1--Science of Zoology and Evolution of Animal Diversity.

Chapter 2--Animal Ecology.

Chapter 3--Animal Architecture.

Chapter 4--Classification and Phylogeny of Animals.

Chapter 5--Protozoan Groups.

Chapter 6--Mesozoa and Parazoa.

Chapter 7--Radiate Phyla.

Chapter 8--Aceolomate Bilateral Animals.

Chapter 9--Pseudocoelomate Animals.

Chapter 10--Molluscs.

Chapter 11--Segmented Worms.

Chapter 12--Phylum Arthropoda.

Chapter 13--Smaller Protostome Phyla.

Chapter 14--Echinoderms and Hemichordates.

Chapter 15--Chordates.

Chapter 16--Chordate Evolution and Fishes.

Chapter 17--Early Tetrapods and Modern Amphibians.

Chapter 18--Reptiles.

Chapter 19--Birds.

Chapter 20--Mammals.