Biology 2083—Principles of Biology II

(ACTS BIOL 1014, when combined with BIOL 2091)

Department of Mathematical and Natural Sciences


        The objective of this course is to acquaint the student with the basic concepts of biology, with emphasis on evolution, diversity, and ecology of organisms, to convey knowledge of basic biological concepts and to stimulate an interest and understanding of the natural environment.


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Chapter 27 Outline.--Nervous sensory and motor systems.

Chapter 12 Outline.--Mitosis and the cell cycle.

Chapter 13 Outline.--Meiosis and sexual life cycles.

Chapter 14 Outline.--Mendel and the gene idea.

Chapter 15 Outline.--The chromosomal basis of inheritance.

Chapter 16 Outline.--The molecular basis of inheritance.

Chapter 17 Outline.--From gene to protein.

Chapter 22 Outline.--History of evolutionary theory and evidence for evolution.

Chapter 23 Outline.--The evolution of populations.

Chapter 24 Outline.--The origin of species.

Chapter 25 Outline.--Phylogeny and systematics.

Chapter 26 Outline.--The origins of biodiversity.

Chapters 27-28 Outline.--Prokaryotes, viruses, and protists.

Chapters 29-31 Outline.--Fungi and plants.

Chapters 32-34 Outline.--Animals.

Chapter 56 Outline--Human Impacts on the Environment.