In April, 2006, Dr. Chris Sims' Ornithology Class travelled to southeastern Louisiana to look for birds and visit a banding station near Johnson's Bayou. 

The town of Johnson's Bayou was completely destroyed by Hurricane Rita.


We spent time on the beach looking for shorebirds.  Pictured here are Blake Forrest, Melissa Guillot, Brandon Elliot, Blair Smyth, Dr. John Hunt, Jolene Hartley, and Dr. Chris Sims.


Students found this nest of endangered least terns on the beach.


Melissa Guillot, Brandon Elliot, and Jolene Hartley pick through the bones of a dead alligator found near the beach.


This yellow-billed cuckoo was captured in the nets at the banding station operated by scientists from the University of Southern Mississippi.


Brandon Elliot and a hooded warbler at the banding station.  Brandon is on the left.