In May 2008, the Biology Club and Dr. Ed Bacon's Marine Biology class travelled to the Gulf Coast Research Lab near Biloxi, Mississippi and the Florida Panhandle near Port St. Joe.  Here are some pictures of the trip (all photos by Maranda Henley).


Lisa Rymes holding a very large snake at the Gulf Coast Research Lab.


We dredged the bay floor from the research vessel M.V. Hermes at the Gulf Coast Research Lab.  There were huge amounts of small fishes, most of which were tossed back into the bay unharmed, but some of which ended up as snacks for the sea birds hanging around.


We also dredged up lots of other sea creatures on the Hermes.  Unfortunately for these shrimp, some ended up as our dinner.


While on the Hermes, some members of our party decided to try their hands at fishing.  Here Dr. Glenn Manning tries to figure out the difference between a fish and a laughing gull.


Students found lots of marine life, such as this sea star, while snorkeling at St. Joseph Peninsula State Park.


This burrfish was captured by students, also at the State Park.


Not all the creatures spotted on the trip were sea creatures.  This hispid cotton rat was hanging around the picnic area at the state park.  Maranda tempted him with some Doritos, then snapped his photo.