In May, 2005, Dr. Ed Bacon took a Marine Biology class to the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and Florida.  Most of the pictures below were taken by Ashley Greene.

Here is part of the group wandering around on tidal mud flats looking for crabs and snails.  Pictured are Dr. Ed Bacon, Ian Nall, Jim Reeves, Dr. John Hunt, and Maranda Henley.


Dr. Bacon snagged this Gulf puffer fish in a dip net.  The fish couldn't submerge when released until he gradually deflated.


We saw thousands of fiddler crabs at several places during the trip.


We took a trip to on the research vessel Hermes.  Maranda Henley snapped this picture of a laughing gull trying to steal a fish from a brown pelican.  Looks like the pelican didn't like this--the gull's head is in his mouth.