In May, 2006, I accompanied Dr. Ed Bacon and his Marine Biology class to the Mississippi and Florida Gulf Coast.  Here are some photos from that trip.


Here is our crew, on the beach at Horn Island:  Dr. Russ Nordeen, Jim Reeves, Jacob Lum, Maranda Henley, Andres Bacon, Dr. Ed Bacon, and Tamara Austin.


The highlight of the Marine Biology trip is a boat ride on the research ship Hermes, owned by the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory.  In this photo, a mutiny has occurred, with Tamara driving the boat, and the chief pirate looking on.


On the trip to Horn Island, we trawled for fish and other wildlife.  Here Andres Bacon sorts through the specimens.  Any shrimp accidentally captured were saved for "special" preparation.


Many interesting birds were sighted on the trip.  The black bird in this picture is a magnificent frigatebird, with a laughing gull in the foreground.


On the beach at Horn Island, Dr. Bacon sifted through sand to find mole crabs and other tiny creatures, while I pretended to help.


We found many horseshoe crabs on Horn Island.


This dolphin was one of several who rode our bow wave on the trip back to Biloxi from Horn Island.