Mammalogy Field Trip

October, 2005

    In October, 2005, the UAM Mammalogy class traveled to North-central Alabama to trap mammals.  We were joined by Dr. Troy Best's Mammalogy class from Auburn University.  We set out Sherman traps to catch rodents, and used mist nets to catch bats.  Below are some photos from the trip, taken by Cathy Barton.

The UAM Crew, left-to-right:  Ian Nall, Katie Cobb, Jessica Pryor, Cathy Barton, Roy Prince, Jolene Ellison, Mellisa Guillot, Brandi Waller, Clint Eubanks, Angela Garner, Jim Lindley, Andres Bacon, and Dr. Chris Sims.  Not shown:  Dr. John Hunt.


Dr. Troy Best of Auburn University demonstrates how to prepare a museum specimen.


The UAM crew waits for bats to enter the mist net.  It was a long wait.


The lone capture in the UAM nets, a red bat (Lasiurus borealis).


We rode eight hours each way to catch four bats and a handful of rats and shrews.  After the long ride, some students became a bit antsy.  However, none were able to escape.