Biology 3763—Evolution

Department of Mathematical and Natural Sciences


The objective of this course is to provide an understanding of evolutionary theory and processes, including selection, adaptation, and speciation.  The course also explores classification of organisms and scientific nomenclature.

Class syllabus.

Book list.

Exam Grades.

Lecture Outlines--These are only outlines, and are not meant to replace detailed notes you should take in class.

Topic 1--Introduction.

Topic 2--History of Evolutionary Theory.

Topic 3--Evidence for Natural Selection.

Topic 4--Basic Genetics.

Topic 5--Selection.

Topic 6--Random Events in Populations.

Topic 7--Sexual Selection.

            Mate Preferences in College Students (Buss and Barnes, 1986).

Topic 8--Unit of Selection.

Topic 9--Classification Systems.

Topic 10--Species.

Topic 11--Speciation.

Topic 12--Geographic Variation.

Topic 13--Geographic Distribution.

Topic 14--The Origin of Life.

Topic 15--The Fossil Record.

Topic 16--Rates of Evolution.

Topic 17--Coevolution.

Topic 18--Mimicry.

Topic 19--Nomenclature and Taxonomy.

Topic 20--Non-mimetic Coloration and Form.

Topic 21--Human Evolution.

Topic 22—Domestication.

Topic 23—Extinction.



National Academy of Science.

National Center for Science Education.

Panda's Thumb--news about evolution.

Understanding Evolution.

Talk origins.--discussion of evolution vs. creationism.

Story of the Scopes "Monkey Trial."

International Code of Zoological Nomenclature.

Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature.

Complete Works of Charles Darwin.

NSF Darwin Website. 

Darwins's Work with Pigeons.