Biology 3574—Comparative Anatomy

Department of Mathematical and Natural Sciences

Dr. John Hunt

        This class provides an understanding of the anatomy of vertebrates by focusing on basic principles of structure, development, function and evolution of organs and organ systems in the different vertebrate groups.  The course also explores evolution of and evolutionary relationships between vertebrate groups. 

Class Syllabus.

Exam Grades.

Lab Page.

Taxon List.

Lecture Outlines--These are only outlines, and are not meant to replace detailed notes you should take in class.

Topic 1--Introduction and Evolution.

Topic 2--Phylogeny and Fossils.

Topic 3--Chordate Taxonomy and Origins.

Topic 4--Vertebrate Taxonomy (Use taxon list as outline).

Topic 5--Form and Function:  Biomechanics.

Topic 6--Development.

Topic 7--Integument.

Topic 8--Bone, Skulls, and Jaws.

Topic 9--Vertebrae.

Topic 10--Limbs.

Topic 11--Muscles.

Topic 12--Respiration.

Topic 13--Circulatory System.

    Modifications to Aortic Arches.

Topic 14--Digestive System.

Topic 15--Urogenital System.

Topic 16--Nervous System.

Topic 17--Sensory Structures.