Comparative Anatomy Lab, BIOL 3574

Department of Mathematical and Natural Sciences


            Instructor:  Dr. John L. Hunt.  Office:  B-11, Science Center.    Phone:  870-460-1466.  E-mail:

            This lab provides a basic understanding of vertebrate anatomy, with a focus on the evolution of shared morphological characteristics. 

Lab Syllabus.

Lab 1--Protochordates.

Lab 2--Integument.

Lab 3--Lamprey.

Lab 4--Skulls.

Lab 5--Skeleton.

Lab 6--Muscles.

Lab 7--Digestive Systems.

Lab 8--Circulatory and Respiratory Systems.

Lab 9--Urogenital Systems.


Necturus skeleton.

Necturus Dissection Photos.

Shark Dissection Photos.