I teach several biology classes and labs at UAM.  Click on the buttons below to go to the home page for each class.

 Class Page      Lab Page    Biological Science

 Class Page     Lab Page     General Zoology

 Class Page     Lab Page     Comparative Anatomy

 Class Page     Lab Page     Mammalogy

 Class Page                                   Evolution

 Class Page                                   Scientific and Cultural Perspectives on Evolution

 Class Page     Lab Page     Anatomy and Physiology II

 Class Page     Lab Page     Principles of Biology II

 Class Page     Dr. Sims' Page     Seminar in Biology  Team-taught with Dr. Christopher Sims.

Class Page                                    Environmental Science

 Class Page                                   Vertebrate Population Analysis

Class Page                                    Biogeography

Class Page     M.I.S. Blog     Summer Field Courses Team taught with Dr. Jim Edson and Dr. William Shea.  These courses have involved field trips to  several locations including Hawaii, Yellowstone National Park, the Canadian Rockies, Costa Rica, and the Canyonlands region of southern Utah.  The link is for the latest trip, which was to the big island of Hawaii.

Class Page                                    Anatomy of the Shark

 Special Topics                                  Potential Special Topics Classes   Please contact me for details.

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