Great Soils I have Known.

Soils are our nation's most valuable resource.

here are some examples of the great soils you

will find in the u.s.A.  

We are a diverse nation of people and soils.

respect others, respect soils.  

Click on the thumbnail to see a larger view.  All are G-rated pics (G for Great Soil)!

LAentisol.jpg (27519 bytes) Entisol from the Red River Valley, near Alexandria, LA. 

LAinceptisol.jpg (36902 bytes) Inceptisol from the Red River Valley.  Located on a first order terrace adjacent to 

             the Entisol above!  This illustrates profile development in alluvial soils.

ETennAlfisol.jpg (52471 bytes) Alfisol from East Tennessee.  This was featured in the American Society of Agronomy

             National Collegiate Soil Judging contest.

ILMollisol.jpg (29664 bytes) Mollisol from central Illinois.  My mouth waters every time I see this soil.  These are

             the world's most fertile soils.  You can stick a broom stick into one of these and grow it!

             Excellent soils for growing corn, soybeans, alfalfa,.... heck, almost anything!

OKUltisol.jpg (31800 bytes) Ultisol from Oklahoma.  These soils are naturally acidic but respond well to liming.

TXVertisol.jpg (42740 bytes) Vertisol near Lubbock, TX.  These soils are dominated by high shrink/swell clays.

WSSpodosol.jpg (40786 bytes) Spodosol from central Wisconsin.  I just love the colors in these soils.

AZAridisol.jpg (35513 bytes) Aridisol found south of Tucson, AZ.  Almost in Mexico, this soil developed in the

             arid desert dominated by the beautiful Sonora cacti, not too far from Big Nose Kate's

             Saloon in Tombstone, AZ.  Stop by for a cold sarsaparilla next time you're there.

WIowaLoessBluffs.jpg (28430 bytes) Loess bluffs, western Iowa.  The mother of all loess bluffs!  Although these

                            deposits have great vertical shear strength, they are pussycats when it comes

                            erosion resistance from water!  Treat these soils delicately and they will never

                           let you down.

WS3ParentMaterials.jpg (34458 bytes) This soil is located in northeast Wisconsin and features three parent materials in

                   less than a meter: loess  -  glacial till  -  shale residium.  This is a rather unique

                   soil and one of my favorites of the GREAT SOILS I HAVE KNOWN!