QUIZ I-2.  (25 pts) 


1. A grass floret is composed of how many stigmas?

            A. 1                 B. 2                  C. 3                 D. 4


2. Vernalization is important for seed yields for which of the following species:

            A. wheat                           B. rice

            C. corn                                     D. grain sorghum


3. The greatest demand for water and nutrients in the life span of a cereal is during:

            A. emergence                                B. early vegetative growth

            C. rapid linear growth              D. late reproductive growth


4. The final seed yield of which of these cereals is NOT affected by the tillering process?

            A. wheat                                       B. corn

            C. rice                                                  D. oats


5. Wheat has what type of inflorescence?

            A. spike                                        B. raceme

            C. panicle                                      D. multi-floret


6. Test weights are a measure of:

            A. plant vigor                                         B. seed yield

            C. seed production                                D. seed density


7. Which of the following is a C3 cereal crop with regard to photosynthesis?

            A. corn                                                 B. pearl millet

            C. rice                                                  D. grain sorghum


8. Wheat in the vegetative stage can be easily distinguished from oats because it has:

            A. ribbed veins                              B. hairy auricles

            C. no auricles                                     D. large, pointed ligules


9. An example of a long-day cereal is:

            A. rye                                                   B. corn

            C. rice                                                  D. grain sorghum


10. Each grass floret will produce how many seeds?

            A. 1                 B. 2                  C. 3                 D. 4


11. LISTING:  List below three management practices a grower can do to help increase

                        the test weights of wheat.  (3 pts)





12. In University yield trials, yields of non-irrigated grain sorghum are not as variable

       year to year for the same variety as for other cereal crops grown similarly, such as

       corn.  Why do you think this is so?  (2 pts)