AGRO 3503, Cereal Crops

Additional course supplements.

Use these links for additional supplements, links, etc to the class notes during the semester.


Part I.  Introduction, statistics.

1. Terminology, importance of cereals.

                QUIZ I-1

2. General botany and morphology of cereals.

                QUIZ I-2

3. Grain drying.

               QUIZ I-3

4. Basic statistics.

               QUIZ I-4

5. Grain combines.

                QUIZ I-5

Part II.  Corn and Grain Sorghum.

1. Corn introduction. (includes text, link and quiz).

2. Corn - Part 2.  (includes text, link and quiz).

3. Corn - Part 3.  (includes text, link and quiz).

4. Grain sorghum - Introduction.

           QUIZ II-4

5. Grain sorghum production, links and quiz.  (Unit II-5)

PART III.  Rice!

1. Introduction: notes, link and quiz.   (Unit III-1, 20 pts)

The information from the following quizzes can be found the the U of A Rice Production

Handbook,    MP192.    Print out each unit and follow the chapters on the link.

2. Botany of rice, cultivar selection.  (Unit III-2, 20 pts)

3. Fertility and water management.  (Unit III-3, 20 pts)

4. Weed and disease management.  (Unit III-4, 20 pts)

5. Insect management, yield and quality.  (Unit III-5, 20 pts)

PART IV.  Wheat and other small grains.

1. Wheat: Introduction, classification.  (Unit IV-1, links + quiz)

2. Wheat: Establishment, fertilization.  (Unit IV-2, links + quiz)

3. Wheat: Pest management, harvest.  (Unit IV-3, links + quiz)

4. Other cool season cereals.  (Unit IV-4, links + quiz)

5. Other warm season cereals.  (Unit IV-5, link + quiz)