AGRO 3503, Quiz II-1.  History and Uses of Corn.     Quiz and link.


Corn is one of the leading crops in the U.S.   It is a truly remarkable grass species, unlike other types of grasses.  Examine the link below to find out more about the history of corn cultivation and how important it is to U.S. agriculture.




1. The theoretical maximum yield of corn has been calculated to be:

            A. 1312 bu/acre                                        B. 986 bu/acre

            C. 1415 bu/acre                                        D. 327 bu/acre


2. Maize originated in:

            A. eastern Peru                                         B. central Africa

            C. New Mexico desert                                       D. tropical Mexico


3. The female inflorescence of corn is known as the:

            A. ear                                                               B. tassel

            C. silk                                                              D. stamen


4. The five types of corn (pop, flint, dent, flour, sweet) are differentiated based on:

            A. chromosome number                         B. seed endosperm characteristics

            C. flower type                                                       D. seed embryo characteristics


5. The Mexican anthropologist/maize historian Arturo Warman refers to corn as a

    cultural artifact because:

            A. it has separate male and female flowers

            B. a different type has developed for each geographical culture

            C. it can only survive as a species if sown and protected by humans

            D. it will soon be replaced as a cereal crop by wheat and triticale


6. The first types of corn cultivated by early Mesoamericans was:

            A. small, yellow dent corn                                  B. small, cream colored flour types

            C. small-eared pop maize                                 D. red and blue flint types


7. Early Mesoamericans believed corn to be:

            A. brought down by aliens from outer space      

            B. a strong hallucinogenic drug

            C. the source of life

            D. poisonous


8. The annual value of corn production in the U.S. is:

            A. $100 million                                                      B. $ 31 billion

            C. $100 billion                                                      D. $3 billion



9. The corn refining process is also called:

            A. wet milling                                                               B. malting

            C. dry milling                                                               D. distillation


10. The difference  between maize and corn is:

            A. corn is yellow, maize is white                         B. corn has 4n chromosomes

            C. maize is flint types, corn is dent types                     D. there is no difference


11. Corn hybrids today produce about how many ears per stalk?

            A. 1                             B. 3-5                          C. 5-10                    D. 10-12


12. The first step in the corn refining process is:

            A. grinding                                                                        B. sorting 

            C. steeping                                                                        D. starch conversion


13. Why does popcorn ‘pop’?








14. List below 5 products of the corn refining process: