AGRO 3503, Other warm season cereals.  Unit IV-5, 20 pts.


NOTE:  Print this out first, then use the following link to find answers to the question below. 




1. What are the five millet species of commercial importance?






2. Japanese millet is a domesticated version of the common weed:

            A. johnsongrass                                         B. giant foxtail

            C. crabgrass                                                          D. barnyardgrass


3. “Cattail” millet is another name for:

            A. foxtail millet                                          B. Japanese millet

            C. pearl millet                                                        D. browntop millet


4. Pearl millet is cultivated extensively as a food grain in:

            A. the southern U.S.                                       B. Mexico

            C. Africa                                                   D. northern Europe


5. Foxtail millet for hay or silage should be harvested at:

            A. 5-7 leaf                                                       B. pre-boot

            C. late boot – bloom                                        D. milk – hard dough


6. Foxtail millet will reach the heading growth stage in about:

            A. 45 days                                                     B. 60 days

            C. 80 days                                                     D. 120 days


7. The most important factors to consider in millet variety selection are:

            A. insect and disease resistance                     B. maturity and lodging

            C. mature height and planting rate                  D. soil conditions


8. What main role to the millets have in the U.S. in your opinion?