AGRO3503.  Quiz II-4.  (20 pts)

Grain sorghum arrived in the U.S. in the 1800’s:

            A. from China                                                   B. from Africa

            C. from Russia                                      D. from Mexico


The world’s largest grain sorghum producing country is:

            A. Russia                                                  B. Brazil

            C. China                                                   D. the U.S.


The leading grain sorghum producing state in the U.S. is:

            A. AR                          B. KS                          C. TX                          D. OK


Importers of American grown grain sorghum use it mostly for:

            A. ethanol production                                            B. food

            C. animal feed                                                       D. beer


List the four types of sorghum and one related weed species: 



The milo types of sorghum are most similar to kafir types in their:

            A. African origin                                        B. drought tolerance

            C. panicle shape                                        D. stem sap content


Most varieties of grain sorghum grown in the U.S. are:

            A. milo purebreds                                             B. hybrids of sballu and milo types

            C. sterile hybrids of milo and durra types            D. hybrids of milo and kafir types


In the sorghum seed, the bran is composed of:

            A. the endosperm                                           B. the pericarp or surface layers

            C. the embryo                                                 D. protein


Grain sorghum derived dextrose is used mostly for:

            A. ethanol production                                            B. dry walls

            C. pharmaceutical purposes                                  D. food additives


Grain sorghum is grown primarily in regions that:

            A. have good railroads and highways for transport

            B. have soils that are not acid

            C. have limited moisture for production of other row crops

            D. have excess rainfall in the spring


Sorghums grown in the Sudan region of Africa are most likely:

            A. milo types                                                    B. kafir types

            C. milo-kafir hybrids                                     D. hegari types


Briefly describe the role that grain sorghum has in cotton/rice/soybean dominant systems.