AGRO 3503, Quiz I-3. (20 pts)


1. A natural air/low temperature grain drying system refers to drying grain using:

            A. sunlight                                                 B. LP gas

            C. little to no additional heat                              D. added heat at night only


2. Grain with significant amounts of damaged kernels or foreign matter needs to be

    stored at:

            A. 1-2% moisture higher                           B. 1-2% moisture lower

            C. 0% moisture                                               D. cannot be safely stored


3. As a general rule of thumb, increasing the drying air temperature by 20 F:

            A. reduces the moisture holding capacity by 1/2

            B. triples the moisture holding capacity of the air

            C. doubles the moisture holding capacity of the air

            D. has no effect on moisture holding capacity of the air


4. In a natural air dryer for corn, if the relative humidity is 70% and the air temperature

    is 70 F, the equilibrium moisture content of the grain is:

            A. 10.0%              B. 12.5%              C. 14.5%              D. 19.4%


5. The capacity of a batch-in-bin drying system can be increased by:

            A. decreasing air temperature                              B. loading in daylight only

            C. layering in 10 ft increments                    D. installing a grain-stirring device


6. The main difference between a recirculating bin batch dryer and a continuous flow

    bin dryer is:

            A. a continuous flow bin does not have a sweep auger

            B. a recirculating dryer does not have a dryer fan

            C. a recirculating dryer does not have a cooling bin

            D. a continous flow does not have a cooling bin


7. In a continuous flow drying system, dry grain is removed:

            A. from the top                                      B. from the bottom

            C. from the middle                                             D. when the whole bin is dry


8. A combination drying system increases the drying rate of a high temperature dryer

    by about:

            A. 10%                        B. 100%               C. 200%               D. 300%


9. The maximum recommended drying air temperature for corn for any dryer type is:

            A. 100 F                      B. 150 F                      C. 200 F                      D. 400 F


10. Most farm moisture meters are accurate to plus or minus:

            A. 0.1%                B. 0.05%              C. 0.5%                D. 5% only