Many UAM students apply to professional programs or graduate schools that require committee letters be sent to an application service, such as AMCAS (Medical School), Pharmcas (Pharmacy School), ADEA AADSAS (Dental School) or PTCAS (Physical Therapy).   Texas medical and dental schools have their own application service TMDSAS.   A Link to each of these is found below.

AMCAS     American Medical College Application Service

PharmCAS      Pharmacy College Application Service

ADEA AADSAS      Associated American Dental Schools Application Service

PTCAS        Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service

TMDSAS        Texas Medical & Dental School Application Service

When filling out these applications, allow plenty of time to complete the application properly.  There is a lot of information needed for each of these applications, and often the information must be gathered from other people, so apply early so that you can insure completion of the application by the deadline.  Many schools use rolling admission, which means the earlier you apply, the better your chance is of getting accepted.  Past students from UAM have fallen victim to this.  Do not wait until the deadline to submit your application!

In order get a committee letter from UAM, you will need to make a request from the Chair of the Pre-Professional Committee, which is currently Dr. Morris Bramlett, Science Center A-7.  (870) 460-1116,  A waiver/non-waiver form is required to be signed and submitted prior to the committee evaluation.  Some professional schools require that you waive the right to see letters of evaluation.  For UAM assessment purposes, a copy of professional test scores, such as MCAT, PCAT, GRE, DAT or other must be submitted at that time.  Your name will not appear on assessment reports; however your scores are included with a generic identifier, such as Student C.  The forms are available below.

Pre-professional Evaluation Request and Waiver Form

Sample Pre-Professional Evaluation (not a real student)