College Algebra Syllabus Spring 2014

College Algebra Assignments



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Translation 1

Graph Transformation 2

Functions, Handout, Homework 1    Functions, Handout,  Key Homework 1        Handout 1, Functions  

Handout 2, Short Version     Key, Handout 2, Short Version

Handout 2, Polynomial and Rational Functions

Match The Polynomials and Rational Functions with their Graphs

Handout 3, Exponential Functions        KEY, Handout 3, Exponential Functions

Handout 4,  Logarithmic and Exponential Equations        KEY, Handout 4

******College Algebra KEY, System******

Handout 5, System of Equations and Inequalities& Linear Programming

System Of Linear Equations & Programming Quiz, KEY

College Algebra, Cramer's Rule & Pascal Triangle     

College Algebra, Key, Cramer's Rule & Pascal Triangle



Test 1, Study Guide  

Test 2, Study Guide               Alternative Test 2, Study Guide

Test 3, Exponential & Logarithmic Functions, Study Guide                Alternative Test 3, Study Guide

Test 4, Exponential & Logarithmic Functions, Study Guide

Test 4-5, System of Equations & Inequalities, Study Guide

Test 4-5,System of Equations & Inequalities and Augmented Matrix, Study Guide

Test 6, Study Guide

Final Exam Study Guide