The Weevil
 September 17, 2003
Volume 4                                                        No. 3
Staff: Kathryn Stewart-Editor, DaQuita Hardeman, 
Laurin Smith, Will Whiting
Advisor: Dr. Linda Webster

News & Events
UAM Bike Patrol Officer Arrests Federal Fugitive
UAM Enrollment Sets New Record
2003-2004 Ambassador Officers
Public Safety Enforces 'No Alcohol' Policy
SAB Hosts Fifth Just A Minute Game Show

UAM Bike Patrol Officer Arrests Federal Fugitive

     Jeff Peebles, the new bike patrol officer on the UAM campus, is on a mission to keep UAM a safe place.  There has even been a rumor that he recently arrested one of America’s Most Wanted on the UAM campus.
     According to Peebles, this particular individual turned out not to be one of America’s Most Wanted, but he did have a U.S. Marshall federal warrant for his arrest that had been issued through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF).
    “One of my missions is to counter narcotics, and I will be involved in making arrests,” said Peebles.
    On Sunday, September 14, 2003, Officer Peebles received a call from a Resident Assistant (RA) at Royer Hall, a female dormitory at UAM, who detected an odor of marijuana coming from one of the rooms on the first floor.
    Once Officer Peebles was on the scene, the RA entered the room.  According to Peebles, there were two occupants in the room, one young woman who was identified by the RA as a resident of Royer and a young man. 
“The young man did not have any identification on him, but he gave me his name and date of birth.  I then called into the Monticello dispatch, and they ran his name and date of birth through the National Criminal Identification Center,” Peebles said. 
    Peebles was told to “approach with caution-considered armed and dangerous” by the Monticello dispatcher.  Peebles then backed off from the individual and called for additional officers. 
    Within half an hour of arriving on the scene, Peebles received a call from an ATF agent. 
“After I confirmed his identity, I arrested the male, took him downtown, and booked him in Monticello’s Criminal Detention Facility,” said Peebles. 
    The following morning, September 15, 2003, an ATF agent picked up the prisoner and escorted him to federal court in Arkansas.

    Peebles, who served in the Navy for twenty years as a Naval Intelligence Officer, has been in law enforcement for three years.  Recently, he completed training in what law enforcement refers to as community policing. 
    “Community policing keeps officers a little more in touch with the community,” explained Peebles.  “Police officers are more accessible on a bike than in a patrol car.  We have more of a presence on campus.  Also, bike patrolling is more economical.  You’re not burning gas, and it’s quieter.”
    The week long training, done by Arkansas State University, took place at the Pine Bluff Police Department.  During the week, Peebles and other officers, including three from the Monticello Police Department, learned how to use a bike defensively.  Peebles training and patrol bike were paid for by UAM. 
    By patrolling on bike, rather than by car, Peebles is not set to any patrol pattern.
    “The bike can go places that a patrol car can’t.  Before people realize it, I’m right there.  It makes people more cautious about doing something wrong because they never know when I’m going to show up,” Peebles said. 
    According to Peebles, every campus police officer is an actual certified police officer.
    “Everything the city police deal with, we deal with,” explained Peebles.  “We are certified to issue tickets and make arrests.”
     UAM’s campus police have dealt with motor vehicle accidents, sexual assaults, burglaries, and individuals with guns.
    According to John Kidwell, Director of Public Safety, two thousand warning citations have been issued so far this semester.  Even though the officers do not have a quota to meet, they will be issuing tickets for anyone disobeying the law.  The money that is collected from tickets goes into a general fund at UAM.  Money from the general fund is used for improvements on the UAM campus.
By: Kathryn Stewart-Editor

UAM Enrollment Sets New Record

     The start of the 2003-2004 school year at the University of Arkansas - Monticello marked a milestone in the school’s history, setting a new all-time high enrollment record.  Not only was this record set by the individual number of students enrolled at the university, but UAM recorded its largest ever freshman class in the school’s history.
      According to preliminary census figures from the Registrar’s Office, UAM’s enrollment jumped from 2,482 students in 2002 to 2,687 in 2003.  This indicates that UAM had a 9% increase in the number of students attending school this year. 
      In addition to the individual student count, UAM recorded its largest ever freshman class for the fall semester.  Last fall, UAM registered 547 freshman.  This year that number rose to 647, an almost 9% increase over last year’s freshman enrollment on the UAM campus. 


     With the acquisition of Great Rivers Technical College in McGehee and Forrest Echoes Technical College in Crossett, preliminary census figures show the total UAM System enrollment to be 2,874 with 759 of those being first time freshman.  This number includes 92 students enrolled in technical courses at McGehee and 95 students at UAM’s Crossett campus. 
     The Registrar’s Office has enrollment figures on hand from 1971 to the present.  The previous high was set in 1992 when the university boasted an enrollment of 2,520 students overall and 603 first time freshman. 
By: Will Whiting

UAM Ambassadors Announce 2003-2004 Officers

     The University of Arkansas - Monticello Student Ambassadors recently announced organization officer's for the 2003-2004 school year. The officers are: Matt Terry, President; Will Whiting, Vice President; Elizabeth Doss, Secretary.
     The UAM student ambassador's work in conjunction with the Office of Admissions to recruit new students to the university. In addition, they help plan special events on campus and provide campus tours to prospective students.  Ambassadors are required to volunteer one hour of their time per week to the Office of Admissions.  Sally Owen, a current ambassador, agrees that being a part of this distinct group is very rewarding.
     “Not only has being an ambassador taught me leadership and responsibility, but it has also allowed me to meet new people and give back to UAM.  It’s a great experience.  You become known on campus to other students and faculty.” 

     The organization, which was founded in 1979, currently has 24 active members. This year, the organization will be selecting approximately 12 new students to serve as ambassador's for the 2003-2004 school year.
     Nominations to become an ambassador will begin after October 15, 2003. If nominated, students will receive an application. After applications have been reviewed, interviews will be conducted for those that exemplify outstanding qualities. 
     According to Mary Whiting, Director of Admissions, “Student ambassadors are those who are committed to this university.  They are always willing to go out of their way to help others on campus, both new students and current ones.”
     For more information on the UAM Student Ambassadors, contact the Office of Admissions at 460-1026.
By: Will Whiting

Public Safety Enforces 'No Alcohol' Policy

     The University of Arkansas - Monticello’s Division of Public Safety is in full force watching for students who violate the no-alcohol policy on campus.  According to John Kidwell, Director of Public Safety, there has been an increase in the number of citations issued for students having alcohol on campus.
      “Our officers have taken numerous amounts of alcohol from students already this year.  If our officers see students with alcohol or have suspicion of it, they will conduct a search.”
     On Friday, September 5, 2003, one wall of the public safety office was lined with coolers, all of which were seized from UAM students.  According to Kidwell, the coolers were seized from various locations around campus, including residence halls and student vehicles.

     According to the UAM Student Handbook, the authorized or unlawful possession, use, manufacture, or distribution of controlled substances or alcohol on University property or as a part of any of the University’s activities are expressly prohibited.  If a student is found with alcohol in their possession, it will be seized, a citation will be issued, and the cited will have to report to the Dean of Students.
     “We are doing all we can to make sure our students stay safe.  In addition, we want to make sure all students are obeying the law.”
     According to Kidwell, UAM officers are not required to obtain a search warrant to search for alcohol as long as there is reasonable suspicion for a search.
     “If there is reasonable suspicion, our officers are allowed to search dorm rooms and vehicles without receiving a search warrant.”
     The department plans to continue to crackdown on student violator’s.  In addition to the alcohol problems, the Department of Public Safety will issue citations for all other criminal offenses. 
By: Will Whiting

SAB Hosts Fifth Just A Minute Game Show

      Over 250 students gathered in the University Center Gym on Wednesday, September 10, 2003, to compete or watch others compete in the fifth production of Just a Minute, a comedy game show, that is produced and sponsored by the UAM Student Activities Board (SAB).  Just A Minute is promoted as UAM's official game show because the entire production is done by the SAB. 

     According to Darren High, current UAM student, the show is designed to attract students with both the possibility to win great prizes and the opportunity to watch others compete in silly stunts.  The first person to complete the challenge within the sixty second time limit may choose from one of two prizes of different values.  The runner-up contestant recieves the other prize. 
                                               Just A Minute judges, shown above, 
                                                       were Yancy Long, Dr. Kate Stewart, and 
                                                      Dr. Richard Clubb.


     Just a Minute was originated in 1991 by the SAB because members of the board were unhappy with paying over two thousand dollars to bring college circuit game shows to campus and have only a few students win prizes worth less than twenty dollars each.  The SAB decided to put together their own game show using similar versions of classic party games and to use the two thousand dollars on prizes rather than using it to pay for a college circuit game show to come to campus. 

     In January of 1992, the SAB produced their first show of Just A Minute as a back to school event for the spring semester.  Because the event was such a success, the SAB produced the show again in January of 1993 and 1994.  The SAB revived Just A Minute in April of 2003 as part of Student Appreciation Week.

Just A Minute hosts, shown on the left, were Sammy Jo Warren and Will Collins.

DaQuita Hardeman contributed to this article.
Photos courtesy of Darren High.




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