The Weevil
 April 10, 2003
Volume 3                                                        No. 7
Staff:  Eric Gaston, Meghan Amaroso, 
DaQuita Hardeman, Will Whiting
Advisor: Dr. Linda Webster
Lewison Leaves for N.Y.
Residence Life Announces Housing Changes
Fall Education Internships Available
Academic Olympics Winners Announced
Screenwriter's Project Announced
UAM Students Get First-Hand Look at Agricultural Policy Development
UAM Debate & Forensics Team: 7th in the Nation
Remember the Library
Ancient Hijinks at the FAC
Free Room and Board at UAM
UAM Ambassadors Heading to KATV
Writing Center Services
Eat for Freedom
Tri Sigs and MBSF Win Disc Golf
Arkansas wins 2003 Forestry Conclave
Dunkees Sought by Residence Life

Lewison Leaves for N.Y.
by Meghan Amaroso
     Dr. Martin Lewison, a business professor at U.A.M., is leaving in May to begin working for Wall Street. He began looking for possible job opportunities about a year ago through family friends in the New York area, and he was recently offered a position as a Ratings Specialist for the company to which he accepted.
      He said that he was used to living in larger cities but that “social misery” was the main reason for his leaving.  Lewison is Jewish by heritage but an Atheist/Humanist by choice and believes that God has no place in government. He considers himself a Democrat, but he sees the Democrats here in Monticello as having more Republican views and does not feel that his elected officials are “pursuing his interest.” 
He said he has little in common with most of the people here and is afraid to meet people because of the cold reception he has gotten from the few with whom he had shared his views. The friends that he has made in Arkansas are in the Jewish community of Little Rock, but he feels isolated in Monticello by his religious and political views. 
     Another major factor that influenced his decision to accept the position was a $30,000 per year increase in salary.  He said he plans to live in New Jersey and commute to avoid the inflated taxes of the State of New York.
     "This job will be totally new to me, it’s something I’ve never done before,” he explained. 
     He is currently reading Collateralized Debt Obligations, Structures and Analysis by Laurie S Goodman and Frank J. Fabozzi to study for his new job. 
Residence Life Announces Housing Changes
by Will Whiting
     Beginning Fall 2003, UAM students living on-campus will notice several changes in terms of their housing arrangements.  The changes will effect anyone residing in one of the four residence halls or the University Apartments.
      According to Renea Thompson, Director of Residence Life, “We are making changes to better meet the needs of our students.” 
     These changes, which have been in the works for several months now, are designed to allow new and current students to get a better feel for campus life.
     Horsfall Hall will not house only freshman women beginning this Fall.  In addition, Royer Hall will not house only upperclassmen women. 
     According to Thompson, “female students will have the option of living in Horsfall, Royer, or the University Apartments.” 
     Like female students, males will also have the same option of living in the residence hall of their choice.  Male residents may choose from Bankston Hall, Maxwell Suites or the University Apartments. 
      A new program is being designed by the Office of Residence Life to better acclimate entering freshman to the UAM campus.  This program will pair a new student with an upperclassmen. 
     “The Big Brother/Big Sister program will pair an entering freshman with an upperclassmen who will be able to assist them with a variety of things such as registration needs or getting involved with campus activities,” said Thompson. 
      New regulations will go into effect in the fall for the University Apartments.  Any students, new or current, will be allowed to live in the on-campus apartments. 
   According to Thompson, “There are no specific qualifications to live in the apartments.  It will be based on a first come-first served basis.” 
      In addition to all of the new housing arrangements, students wishing to pay their housing costs in payments will be able to do so through the new FACTS tuition management system.  The system, which allows students to budget their educational needs, will allow students to budget their living expenses at college as well.
      While several changes are taking place in the residence halls, some things will remain the same. 
     According to Thompson, “Residents will still have the benefit of free internet access, cable, water, electricity and local phone service among other things.” 
      For more information on these changes or to sign up for a roommate, contact the Office of Residence Life at 460-1045.  Or, you may stop by the office which is located at the north end of the Student Services Complex. 
Tri Sigs and MBSF Win Disc Golf 
by DaQuita Hardeman
     Intramurals Women and Men’s Disc Golf Tournament took place on March 25 and April on the Disc Golf Course in front of the BBC. Taking the women's championship title was Tri Sigma II on March 25 and the MBSF won the men's division on April 1.
     The tournament was open to both individuals and teams consisting of 3-5 individuals. Groups are allowed to enter more than one team. 
     Benas Matkevicuis explained how the game works. 
     “The game is just like golf only played with Frisbees.  Because it takes women longer to reach their targets, they play six holes and the men play nine.  There are three holes (chained buckets) and the first one is par 3 meaning that the player has only three attempts to reach the target and all others are par four.  After the first attempt, the players throw their disc from the spot where the first disc lands. Whoever is the farthest away from their target goes next in line. The player with the least amount of points at the end is the winner.” 
    The women’s score is figured by the ranking of the top two players per team with the lowest score after playing six holes winning.  The leading scores for the women competitors were Jesi Seirert with 23 points and Micheal L. Ferrel with 24 points.
   The winning Tri Sigma II sorority team consisted of members Lindsay Gilbert, Meghan Swain, Sarah Hornsby, and Hannah Hackney which defeated the Tri Sigma I team of  Amy Platt, Cindy Bates, and April Kelloms. 
     The men’s team score is figured by the ranking of the top 3 players per team with the lowest score after playing 9 holes winning. 
     The leading scorers were MBSF’s Justin Holland and Corey Wilkins, both with 38 points. Matt Terry followed with a score of 42 points.  Coming in second place was Alpha Omega with team members Rob Leonard scoring 43 points, James Wever scoring 48 points, Bryan Baker scoring 49 points, and Zach Gibbins scoring 55 points. 
     Participation in UAM Intramural Sports and Special Events is open to all current UAM students, faculty, and staff, with the exceptions for intercollegiate athletes. For anyone who is interested in participating in any Intramural event, entry forms are available on the ground floor of the University Center posted next to the Intramural Office.

Fall Education Internships Available
by Eric Gaston
      The School of Education has an unlimited number of fall internships available.  According to Lynda Samons, School of Education Partnership Coordinator, “These internships are a year long program that allows students to get hands on experience.  The students will be involved in the actual observation and performance stages of teaching, in a real classroom environment.  Any education student is eligible to apply, as long as they meet the prerequisites."
    The prerequisites include admission to the Teacher Education Program, a “B” or better in EDUC 3212 and 3563, completion of the Praxis II Specialty Test, a completed 
 application, an overall GPA of 2.75, an FBI check, and a Portfolio of Competencies.
      The internship awards include the cost of regular tuition with the other applicable fees.  With the Internship I, a total of 6 hours can be earned by each student and 15 hours of academic credit will be granted to each student with the Internship II.
     Samons further noted, “there are an unlimited number of internships available, with nine local school districts participating to accommodate the interns.  These internships are very crucial; in fact, they are the last step in acquiring the Teacher Licensure Certificate."
     The deadline for Education students to apply for these beneficial internships is May 9th. 

Academic Olympics Winners Announced

Dr. Kate Stewart, Alpha Chi faculty sponsor, announced the following winners of the 2003 Academic Olympics competition at UAM:

1st Place:           Robert Keady (Forestry)

2nd Place:          Daniel Lane (General Studies)

3rd Place:          Bobby Golden (Agriculture)

Academic unit winners:
Agriculture:                    Bobby Golden
Arts & Humanities:         Candace West
Business:                      Pat Maddox
CIS:                              Chris Simpson
Education:                     Ariel Sumler
Forestry:                       Robert Keady
General Studies:            Daniel Lane
Math and Natural Sciences:        Ethan Trana
Music:                          Brent Miller
Nursing:                        Julie Thomason
Social & Behavioral:       Gina Dodd
Arkansas wins 2003 Forestry Conclave

From Dr. Thompson, Forestry Club Advisor

     The Arkansas Forestry Conclave team overcame tough competition from five schools to get a six-point win at host school Clemson University. 

    Arkansas won the physical events by 15 points over Georgia and came in second to Virginia Tech in Technical events by 12 points.
     Our big rival for the top spot over the past 20 years, SFA, had a streak of bad luck and ended up in fifth place. 
     If you know a Conclave team member, let them know you appreciate their efforts.

Dunkees Sought by Residence Life
by Will Whiting and Austin Carr
     UAM students should get ready for games, food and fun as the Office of Residence Life is making final preparations for the third annual “Down in the Delta” carnival day.  The event, which is sponsored by the Bankston Hall Residents and the Office of Residence Life is slated to take place April 28. 
     The schedule includes, but is not limited to, activities such as a dunking booth, slipping slide, a domino’s tournament, and a drunk driving demonstration presented by the Arkansas State Police. 
    According to Austin Carr, Residence Life Area Coordinator for Bankston Hall, “This year’s on-campus celebration promises to be better than ever.  It is a great way to wind down as finals near.”
  The event is not limited to just those living in the Residence Halls on campus.  It will be open and free of charge to any UAM student. 

     Carr said,  “All activities are basically free for everyone.” 
     In addition to the games, dinner will be served outside.  The event will take place at the University Center’s lower-level parking lot and behind the University Center on the Intramural field.  For more information, contact Austin Carr in the Office of Residence Life at 460-1045.

From Austin Carr, U.A.M. Area Coordinator of Residence Life:  On the April 24, the Residence Life Staff will host “Down in the Delta”, a program for on campus residents.  One of the events  will be a Dunking Booth. 
    I would like to take this opportunity to invite any staff or faculty member to participate in the dunking booth by volunteering to spend 30 minutes in the Dunking Booth beginning at 3pm near the UC sand volleyball courts. 
     I think this would be a great opportunity to interact with the students in a positive atmosphere outside the class room as well as boost student moral near the end of the school year. 
     If you are interested I will have a sign up sheet with times that you can volunteer 

Screenwriter's Project Announced

     Cyclone Productions, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Screenwriter's Project has been incorporated into INDIEFEST - Film Festival & Market. The Screenwriter's Project, which has been one of the world's leading screenwriting competitions for the past ten years, will now be able to facilitate the further development of the art of scriptwriting. Indiefest will not only continue the tradition of the Screenwriter's Project competition, but will also be hosting a script market, at which writers will be able to present and promote their projects to industry executives.
     Finalists in the competition will be invited to participate in the Script Market in Chicago on August 8th - 10th, 2003. Grant monies and prizes will be presented to the award winning scripts at The Festival Closing Night Gala. Additional 

booth space will also be made available to writers, regardless of their status in the competition, on a limited first-come, first-served basis. Indiefest will also simultaneously be holding a Film/Video competition and market.
   The following types of submissions will be accepted by the Indiefest screenwriting competition: screenplays, plays, novels/short stories, and synopsis/treatments for motion pictures. The deadlines for submissions to Indiefest are: May 1, June 1, and July 1. 
For more information and applications for INDIEFEST 2003, please visit our website at WWW.INDIEFESTCHICAGO.COM. 
To receive an application by mail, interested parties must send a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) (5 x 7) to:
P.O. BOX 148849
CHICAGO, IL 60614-8849
     Also, view the trailer for "Lizzie", Cyclone Production's award winning feature film, at "Lizzie" will be screening at The Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago on April 16, 2003.
UAM Students Get First-Hand Look at Agricultural Policy Development

     Students of agricultural policy from the UAM Division of Agriculture recently visited the Arkansas State Legislature in Little Rock as guests of local legislators and Arkansas Farm Bureau staff members. 
     The day began with the House Agriculture, Forestry, and Economic Development Committee meeting.  Bills dealing specifically with agriculture were presented for discussion with the successful bills being forwarded to the House General Session. 
     AFB staff member Jody Urquhart joined the group and briefed the students on Farm Bureau policy for currently pending legislation.  During a working lunch session, Urquhart explained how Farm Bureau policy is developed from “grassroots” origins. 

      Senator Jimmy Jeffress of Crossett, Representative Randy Rankin of Eudora, Representative Jerry Taylor of Pine Bluff, and Stanley Hill, AFB Associate Director for State Affairs, described how farm organization lobbyists and legislators are working together to develop agricultural policy.  Arkansas Farm Bureau President David Hillman briefly visited the luncheon to greet the students. 
     The afternoon allowed students an opportunity to enjoy many impromptu conversations with state senators and representatives in the Capitol hallways plus several staff members of other agricultural organizations. 
     Senator Jeffress and Representative Taylor recognized the students from the Senate and House floors, respectively, during the afternoon general sessions.  Several legislative bills passed in the morning committee meeting received approval from the full House of Representatives or Senate during these afternoon sessions.  Associate Professor of Agriculture Bob Stark arranged the visit and accompanied the students.

UAM Debate & Forensics Team: 7th in the Nation
by Will Whiting
     The UAM Debate and Forensics team competed at the Pi Kappa Delta National Tournament on the campus of Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland March 26 through 30 with 61 schools from across the United States.
     UAM was well represented with eight students competing in a variety of events. UAM was ranked seventh in the nation in overall sweepstakes points earning the team an excellent award. The UAM squad was also awarded an excellent award in debate sweepstakes and an excellent award in individual events sweepstakes.
      In Debate action, five UAM students debated competitors from across the country on a variety of topics. April Jacks, a freshman general studies major from Star City, advanced to the elimination rounds earning a quarter finalist award. In addition, Jacks was ranked eighth in the nation in Public Debate earning her an excellent award on the national level.
      Several UAM competitors ranked nationally in individual events. Dorothy Thompson, a senior Marketing major from Wichita, Kansas, was awarded an excellent award in Discussion. Michael Perkins, a freshman Speech Communication major from Denton, Texas, was awarded a superior trophy and ranked second in the nation in Discussion. Perkins was also awarded an excellent trophy in Prose Interpretation.
     Will Whiting, a freshman Speech Communication and Journalism major from Monticello, was awarded a superior trophy and ranked second in the nation in Broadcast Journalism. In addition, Whiting produced UAM’s first ever Oral History Project, a video highlighting Pi Kappa Delta pledging on the UAM campus. His video, which was second in the nation, was awarded an excellent trophy.
     Jessica Smith, a senior Criminal Justice major from Monticello, teamed with Michael Perkins to place seventh in the nation in Duo Dramatic Interpretation. They were awarded a superior trophy for their work in this event. Smith was also awarded an excellent trophy in Broadcast Journalism. 
     According to Teresa Minter, Assistant Director of Forensics, “The squad did an outstanding job representing UAM at the national tournament as they have done all year. Their hard work and dedication to this organization can easily be seen from their success in Baltimore.”
     While in Baltimore, squad members were able to meet two former UAM competitors now living in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area, Mishelle Miller and Marty Brutscher. Both Miller and Brutscher represented UAM as judges for the tournament. In addition, Marty Brutscher and his wife Erma, hosted a dinner for the team at their home in Baltimore.
     Other competitors from UAM included Betty Dintelman, Roy Vaughn and Bryce Wrzesinski. The UAM debate squad is coached by Teresa Minter and R. David Ray, Director of Forensics and Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities. 
     The team has one final competition of the year, the International Public Debate Association’s National Championship, which will be held on the campus of Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana April 11 through 13.
Remember the Library

From Lanee Dunlap, 

What's the best place on campus to find all the information you are looking for?  How about your library?  That's right.  Your library. 

     From digital reference and government information to manuscripts and special collections, your library has it all. 
     So whether you need to be up all night cramming for finals or are preparing for that next job interview, find what you need at your library.
Ancient Hijinks at the FAC

     The UAM Music Theatre Workshop will present "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" by Stephen Sondheim on Friday and Saturday, April 11, and 12, at 7:30 PM, in the Fine Arts Center Auditorium.  Admission is free.

     Set in Rome around 200 BC, the plot revolves around the slave Pseudolus who attempts to win his freedom be arranging a match between his master, Hero, and a young courtesan, Philia. 
     The plot, which includes pantaloons, tunics, courtesans, eunuchs, funerals, chases, baritones and basses, twists and turn to a surprise happy ending.
     Please come and enjoy one of the funniest shows, and one of the longest titles, in Broadway history.
Free Room and Board at UAM
by Will Whiting
     According to Renea Thompson, Director of Residence Life, Resident Assistant interviews are coming soon.  Resident Assistants, or as most know them RA’s, help residents adjust to on-campus living.
      Resident Assistants receive full paid tuition, a meal plan and free room and board.  The competition is stiff and requires having lived on campus for one full year and a 2.5 grade point average to be eligible for consideration. 
    Thompson said “We will select only about 20 RA’s for the next semester.” 
      This year, all current RA’s must re-interview, something that has never happened before.  According to Thompson, the office is looking for the cream of the crop to help run the four on-campus residence halls and University Apartments. 
     “We only want the best of the best.  It can be a very physically draining job.”
      If you are interested in interviewing for one of these positions, contact Thompson and her staff in the Office of Residence Life at 460-1045. 

UAM Ambassadors Heading to KATV
by Will Whiting
     The UAM Student Ambassadors will be helping Steve Powell and Melinda Mayo host “Good Morning Arkansas” on KATV Channel 7 News Friday, April 25. 
     According to Mary Whiting, Director of Admissions and the UAM Ambassador’s sponsor, “This is a great way to promote the university and at the same time allow some students that deserve recognition to receive it.” 
    The Ambassadors will take part in a variety of on-camera activities.
      The UAM Student Ambassadors serve as mentors for prospective student’s considering attending UAM.  In addition, each ambassador is required to volunteer one hour of his/her time each week to help out with campus tours and other various projects associated with the Office of Admissions. 
     The ambassadors also help out with events on campus each year including New Student Orientation, Scholar’s Day, and UAM Preview Days.
 “Good Morning Arkansas” is broadcast from KATV’s River Market studio on Channel 7 from 9:00-10:00am each weekday morning. 
Writing Center Services

From Diane Payne:
   Our excellent tutors will provide feedback and assistance with any writing assignment.  Check out our webpage for great sites to help with your research papers and grammar review.

Writing Center Hours:
Monday 7:30- 6pm
Tuesday 7:30-4
Wednesday:  7:30-6pm
Thursday:  7:30-4 pm
Friday:  7:30-3 pm
Eat for Freedom

What:   Crawfish Boil 

When:   Saturday, April 12 
                10:00am - until they're gone 

Where:  Monticello Piggly Wiggly parking lot 

Who:    VFW Post 4515 

Why:    To help support our troops 

Questions: Email Matt Burton at