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   While student publications will primarily rely on the Associated Press Stylebook or Sitton's AP Cheat Sheet, occasionally it will be necessary to follow the style dictated by the campus. This style sheet purports to supplement the Associated Press Stylebook. Students, writers or editors who have questions this style sheet does not answer should refer to the AP Stylebook.   

   Style means uniformity and simplicity. Without a uniform style, a newspaper lacks good appearance and taste. The rules of grammar, punctuation and spelling always apply. 


   Spell out University of Arkansas at Monticello on first reference or whenever used as a noun. For compound modifiers (e.g.  if preceding a proper name), use University of Arkansas-Monticello, e.g. University of Arkansas-Monticello Boll Weevils. Thereafter, refer to as UAM. 

   Generally, writers should avoid referring to the school in the lead to avoid long leads and redundancy. For example, do not write the UAM Student Government Association; use the Student Government Association. People know where we are; that's why they're reading.

   For ease of reading, refer to the technical campuses as UAM College of Technology-McGehee or UAM College of Technology-Crossett on first reference, then as the McGehee campus or Crossett campus on second reference. MAKE SURE to spell McGehee correctly!

   Abbreviate academic degrees with capital letters, but use lowercase when spelling out degrees:

B.A. – bachelor of arts
M.S. – master of science
M.A. – master of arts
Ph.D. – doctor of philosophy
Ed.D. – doctor of education

   Avoid degree abbreviations like B.S. Use an apostrophe in the spelled out version: bachelor's in journalism, master's in creative writing. 

   See academic titles, military titles and government titles in AP style. However, spell out titles with names used in direct quotes.
Incorrect: "Gov. Huckabee is coming to town."
Correct: "Governor Huckabee is coming to town." 

    Do not use contractions unless they are part of a quote, except in feature stories, in which spelling out words might be too formal.

 Do not abbreviate in text


   Do not capitalize college classes:  freshman, sophomore, junior or senior

   Do not capitalize academic specialties and subjects, except languages: professor of history, senior chemistry and Spanish double major

   Capitalize titles of academic units: School of Arts and Humanities, Division of Computer Information Systems

   Be careful when mixing, e.g. professor of history in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

   Do not capitalize the proper names of courses except languages; composition I, news reporting, introduction to mass communication, fundamentals of English

   Use the descriptive title of a course, not the course number: news writing rather than journalism 2004.

   Capitalize the official names of academic units, administrative units, official committees and building names: School of Arts and Humanities, Admissions Office, Student Affairs committee, Sorrells Hall, Memorial Classroom Building.

   Capitalize the word room when used with the number of the room: Room 112, Sorrells Hall.  Better yet, use the room number in front of the building: 112 Sorrells Hall.

   Capitalize formal titles before a name; lowercase and set off with commas after a name. Place long titles behind the name. Don't capitalize job descriptions: lawyer, welder, mechanic, etc.

Abbreviations || Capitalization || People || Departments || Groups || Places || Sports || AP Cheat Sheet


   On first reference, use a person's full name, including the middle initial and title if important to the story. On second reference, use only the last name with no title.

First reference: Chancellor Jack Lassiter
Possible second references: The chancellor agreed. Lassiter agreed.

    Do not use a middle initial or nickname unless the source normally uses it, e.g. President George W. Bush, William "Convoy" Leslie

   Abbreviate junior or senior after a name; don't use a comma to set it off: David Leroy Sitton Jr. 

   Don't use courtesy titles: Mr., Mrs., Miss and Ms.

Students - As one would not use "freshwoman," refer to freshmen as a first-year student. However, athletes must use "freshman" due to NCAA regulations.

   Identify all students using major, classification and hometown.  Disperse the information throughout the story, but if the story only mentions the person once, use this form:  John Smith, a senior chemistry major from Star City.

   Never use “grad,” “alum” or “frat.”

Professors - AP style indicates that most people think of a physician when they see the title Dr. Therefore, identify professors by rank and discipline (capitalize academic units) on first reference: associate professor of biology, instructor of journalism, vice chancellor of Student Affairs/University Relations and dean of the School of Arts and Humanities. Capitalize titles before a name, lowercase titles after a name.

   Use chairman or chairwoman rather than chairperson when referring to committee leaders.  Use chair for all academic unit chairs unless there is a dean.  

    Save Dr. for physicians unless explaining degree:
NOT: Dr. Mark Miller, a journalist
It's better to say Mark Miller, who has a doctorate in communications, ...

    Do not abbreviate assistant or associate professor, instructor or professor.

   Never use “doc” or “prof”

Abbreviations || Capitalization || People || Departments || Groups || Places || Sports || AP Cheat Sheet



Lowercase departments; uppercase Schools and Divisions; however, departmental names that double as languages should be capitalized, e.g. Betty Matthews, professor of English, and Ronald Sitton, associate professor of journalism CHECK to make sure you have correctly identified the faculty or staff member by looking at these pages:

Division of Agriculture -

School of Arts and Humanities-

School of Business -

School of Computer Information Systems -

School of Education -

School of Forest Resources -

College of General Studies

School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences -

Division of Nursing -

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences -

College of Technology - Crossett -

College of Technology - McGehee -

Abbreviations || Capitalization || People || Departments || Groups || Places || Sports || AP Cheat Sheet


Uppercase Departments, Office.

Department of Academic Affairs

Registrar's Office - Staff

Department of Finance and Administration

Athletics Department

Fred J. Taylor Library & Technology Center - Staff

Office of Student Affairs - Staff

College of Technology - Crossett - Administration

    Colleges of Technology — Spell out on first reference (e.g. The University of Arkansas at Monticello's College of Technology at Crossett; UAM's College of Technology at McGehee) and abbreviate to acronym on second reference (e.g. UAM-CTC or UAM-CTM).

Abbreviations || Capitalization || People || Departments || Groups || Places || Sports || AP Cheat Sheet


   Student Activities provides an updated list of student organizations on campus.

    Identify honorary fraternities, as in “Pi Kappa Delta, honorary forensics fraternity.” Consult a listing of the UAM Student Handbook for a complete listing of honorary fraternities. 

   Capitalize “Greek” when referring to social organizations with Greek letter names:  Greek housing, Greek candidate and the Greeks.

   Use the following abbreviations and member references on second reference:

FraternityAbbreviationMembers SororityAbbreviation Members
Alpha Phi AlphaΑΦΑAlphasAlpha Kappa Alpha ΑΚΑAKAs
Kappa Alpha orderΚΑKAsAlpha Sigma Alpha ΑΣΑAlpha Sigs
Kappa Alpha PsiΚΑΨKappasAlpha Sigma Tau ΑΣΤAlpha Taus
Kappa Kappa PsiΚΚΨPsisDelta Sigma Theta ΔΣΘDeltas
Phi Beta SigmaΦΒΣBetasSigma Sigma Sigma ΣΣΣSigmas
Phi Lambda ChiΦΛΧPhi Lambs Zeta Phi BetaΖΦΒ Zetas
Sigma Tau GammaΣΤΓSig Taus
Tau Kappa EpsilonΤΚΕTekes

Within the same story, lower case these common nouns when they stand alone in subsequent references. 
     Correct: The party leaders met. 
      Incorrect: The Party leaders met. 

In all plural uses, lower case the common noun elements. 
     Correct: The Democratic and Republican parties. 
     Incorrect: The Democratic and Republican Parties. 

On first reference, don't put an abbreviation or acronym in parentheses after an organization's name. On second reference with lesser known organizations, use methods similar to the following to refer to the organization rather than using an acronym: 

     First reference - Committee Against Litter 
     Second reference - the committee or the anti-litter  group. 

Abbreviations || Capitalization || People || Departments || Groups || Places || Sports || AP Cheat Sheet


   The campus map provides updated links for every building on campus, giving the name, the offices and a photo. Be sure to use the correct full name on first reference when writing about these places.

Classroom Buildings
Babin Business Center (BBC) Henry H. Chamberlin Forest Resources Complex Science Center Memorial Classroom Building (MCB)
Wells Hall Music Building Sorrells Hall Willard Hall
Residence Halls
Horsfall Hall Royer Hall
Places of Interest
Administration Building Agriculture and Southeast Research & Extension Center Harris Hall Athletic Building??
Fine Arts Center - Spencer Gallery Fred J. Taylor Library & Technology CenterWillis "Convoy" Leslie Cotton Boll StadiumHarold C. Steelman Fieldhouse
Gibson University Center    

   Capitalize directions when referring to regions in the state, but not when just noting directions: Southeast Arkansas, Northeast Louisiana, traveling north to Little Rock, etc.

   Capitalize specific geographic regions and popularized names for those regions: Midwest, the South, the Appalachians. The same rule applies for some geologic regions. Check the AP stylebook to be certain. For instance: the Permian Basin, the Hill Country. 

   Omit the state name after the Arkansas city or town except when the readers might confuse the city with a town or city of the same name in another state: Nashville, Ark.  See dateline entry in the AP Stylebook for cities in other states that do not require state designations. 

   Capitalize proper nouns and common nouns such as party, river and street when they become an integral part of a full name for place, person or thing. For instance: Green Party or Arkansas River. 

   States spelled with six or fewer letters aren't abbreviated when used with a city name. Eight fit that category. One is Ohio: New Concord, Ohio, but Knoxville, Tenn. NEVER use U.S. Postal Service abbreviations. 

   Abbreviate avenue (Ave.), boulevard (Blvd.) and street (St.) when a complete address is given. Otherwise, spell out. The correct forms are: 1505 Wewoka Drive, 3054 W. Wolf Valley Road, 1400 Laurel Ave. Apt. 2, Laurel Avenue, Third Street, 42nd Street, 1505 42nd St.

Abbreviations || Capitalization || People || Departments || Groups || Places || Sports || AP Cheat Sheet


   You can find information on Weevil Athletics through the departmental homepage.

   All UAM athletic teams are members of the Great American Conference.  This can be abbreviated GAC after initially referring to the conference.

    Use University of Arkansas-Monticello (team name) on first reference, but just UAM or the mascot name on subsequent references.

Abbreviations || Capitalization || People || Departments || Groups || Places || Sports || AP Cheat Sheet

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