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Drew County Road Tax Election Set for Nov. 13

Brooke Burger

   Citizens of Drew County will have the opportunity to vote in a special election to renew the 1 percent county-wide sales and use tax for road improvements Nov. 13.

   According to the ballot, the net collections of the tax that remain after the deduction of administrative charges of the state and required rebates will be distributed to Drew County and used to finance the construction, reconstruction, restoration, improvement, alteration and repair of county roads.

   "If you get out on the county roads and drive around, you'll see how (the tax is) needed tremendously," said Lyna Gulledge, county clerk of Drew County.

   Voters originally passed the sales tax in 1997 for a two year period and renewed the tax for two additional four-year terms.  The current tax will expire February 29, 2008.  In August, the Drew County Quorum Court voted to seek the renewal of the road tax 8-1.

   The original plan for the county road tax aimed to renew the tax for 48 months.  However, due to changes by the State Department of Finance and Administration, the tax appears under special election and will only be renewed for 22 months if passed.

   According to a September Advance Monticellonian article, the County Attorney Cliff Gibson reported the state legislature passed laws stipulating that sales tax collections must start at the beginning of each quarter rather than a particular month, as with the county road tax.

   Since Drew County's existing sales tax will expire at the end of February instead of the end of the quarter, the court voted to pass a special ordinance to comply with the new law and ensure uninterrupted collections, as well as make tax collections less difficult.

   In order to comply with the new law on sales tax collections, the court also changed the extension of the tax from 48 months to 22, which will align the expiration of the tax with the beginning of the quarter.  The court passed the special ordinance and the change in the renewal time period.

   According to the Oct. 10 Drew County Judge's Weekly Report by Judge Damon Lampkin, the road department recently finished some major road projects around the county to prepare for the winter season.  According to Lampkin's report, several county roads received repairs such as grading, bushhogging, blading, patching and other general maintenance.

   If the 1 percent road tax passes Nov. 13, the county will continue to improve and maintain county roads throughout Drew County.


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