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Photo Essay: Mocha Madness

Latoya Shelton
Chief Photographer
Audience Faculty from the school of Arts and Humanities enjoy the performances at Mocha Madness Nov. 1. (Left) Sarah Bloom, (center) Kay Walters and (far right in skull paint) Ronald Sitton watch as students show off their creativity.


Skull Lighting Skull candleholders, created by Creative Society members, add light to paper covered tables. Patrons of Mocha Madness let their creative juices flow by drawing and writing sonnets on the tables.


Duet (Left to right) Brad Amoroso and Kyle Knight softly rock the stage of Mocha Madness. Solo Amoroso played guitar during the Soft Rockin' performance. The duo performed original music.


Chip & Dale (Left to right) Charles Davis and Chris Halley improvise during Mocha Madness. Their sketches parodied other sketches done that night.


Mars Hall Gary Marshall weaves a tale about the Jack-O-Lantern. Marshall (a.k.a. Mars Hall) read the tale and sang a song.


Coo-Coo for Coffee Patrons go mad for mocha among other things during Mocha Madness. A flurry of coffee mongers and tea takers left a trail of destruction in their wake.


Senile Pam Cameron (left) portrays an outraged and half-deaf woman in Pork Chops and Applesauce as Brittany Pickett (right) looks on. Cameron performed the play with the other members of Psquared B&J. The Final Act Ren Thornton weaves a demented tale of a serial killer in training. Thornton provided a suspenseful final act for Mocha Madness at the end of the open mic session.


Poet Hall - William Hall read works from Edgar Allan Poe and Robert Frost during Mocha Madness, as well as reading a poem of his own.


Attention Jeffery Trotter, member of the Creative Society, listens intently to poetry during Mocha Madness. Poetry was a common medium of the night. Smoke Break Several people take a break from the madness and enjoy the cool night. There was a small intermission and many took that as an opportunity to drink coffee and smoke.


Cameras Everywhere - Nika Najafova snaps a photo while Randy Kelley of PB7
films the show for television, both document the 20th showing of Mocha Madness.

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