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MBSF Uses Facebook for Fundraiser

Susan Harmon  
Staff Writer 

   The Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship extends its imagination to enlarge its current meeting place by using the Internet. 

   The religious group meets every Thursday at 9 p.m. across from the Math and Science Center and the Red Barn. The 75 to 150 members said things are getting a little cramped, and conventional fundraising produces slow results.

    “Director Robert Leonard and I came up with the idea of One in a Million this summer," said Jack Cross, president of MBSF. “The idea consists of using Facebook to contact friends and ask for donations.” 

    Through “One in a Million” each member asks their friends on Facebook to donate $5. While each member’s friend list varies, many people view the request, donate money and send the e-mail to others.

    MBSF members said they not only want to enlarge the house, they want to help others by offering scholarships. On a broader basis, the MBSF intends to use the extra money to provide for the needy in our community, as well as overseas. 

   MBSF held a fundraiser last week at Pauline Baptist Church in Monticello. The fundraiser called “Western Roundup” served attendees pork butts, baked beans and potato salad in return for donations to the building fund. Afterwards members took the left-over food to needy families in Drew County.

    “It’s a God-sized thing we believe in. Most people believe it’s impossible, but if we put it in God’s hands and work hard, we know it can happen,” MBSF member Richard Eberle said.

    MBSF recently attended a conference called Passion where an opportunity emerged to help villages in Africa. 

    “The conference presented the fact that there are villages in Africa without water. Each well costs $3,000,” Cross said. “Imagine the wells we could provide to them with the money raised through One in a Million.”

    In addition to the possibility of donating through Facebook, the MBSF Web site allows one to donate online using PayPal.

    MBSF member Nathan Harper said, “This project is a good depiction of Christianity because you are asking people to give unselfishly.”

    The addition to the existing building consists of approximately 7,000 square feet of new space for a larger worship area and kitchen.

      For more information on “One in a Million” contact Jack Cross at or Robert Leonard at

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