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Monticello Drug Store Closing

Danielle Kloap   
Around Campus Editor    

   After 75 years of service to the community, Monticello Drug Store will close its doors within the month.

Photo by Latoya Shelton

Monticello Drug Store 

   Owners Don and Kay Koen decided to close the store after Walgreens offered to buy their store files and inventory, and offered Don a part-time job.

   “(Don) will have a lot more freedom working a part-time job,” Kay said.

   Kay said Walgreens offering to buy their files and inventory was a funny coincidence because the store used to be a Walgreen’s agency. Kay explained that Walgreen’s used to sell franchises and were privately owned.

   Kay said Monticello Drug has a long history in the town. Ray McKenny, Burt Gaston and Cecil Turnage established the drug store in 1932. Cockrell’s Shoes is the original site of the drug store, which moved in 1941 to the present location. The Square experienced a fire in 1964. After McKenney rebuilt from the fire, he hired Don. Don and McKenney shared ownership until McKenney retired.

   Kay said that although they hate to close the store, they are looking forward to having more free time.

   “Now we will have time to spend with our family and friends,” Kay said.

   Sue Anderson, a part-time employee of Monticello Drug for three years and former owner of The Model clothing store, said she hates to see the drug store close.

   “(Monticello Drug) has been a part of the town since I’ve been here,” Anderson said. 

   Anderson laughed as she said she could just go back to being a housewife now.

Photo Courtesy of Don and Kay Koen
Rebuilt - Kay Koen said this picture was taken shortly after being rebuilt due to a fire on the Square in 1964. 

   Frances Brown, who has worked part-time for the Koens for eight years, said she’ll miss working at the store.

   “I’m sad, just like everybody else,” Brown said. “I’m going to miss the people.”

   Kay said the store will remain open the rest of the week, and be open for a few hours next week.

   “It’s hard to give a definite date when we’re still trying to get all of our inventory sold,” Kay said.

   Every item has been marked 50 percent off or more. They have baby items, cards, gift-wrapping items, perfume, cologne, razorback gifts, jewelry and other gift items. The fixtures will be sold as well. Kay said the store will continue to ship UPS packages as long as they are open.

   The store will donate the gift items that do not sell to charity.

   “We are donating some items to the hospital gift shop and some to our church for a mission project,” Kay said.

   Kay said they are looking forward to new opportunities now that they are retiring.

   “We will finally have time to travel,” Kay said. “It’s hard (to travel) when you own your own business.”    


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