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MonticelloLive Continues

Karie Fay   
Commentary Editor


   MonticelloLive gains a new owner.


   Joe Burgess recently purchased the online news-source from original creator Jeff Noble. While Noble continues assisting with technical issues, Burgess said he will ensure readers of local news stories so the people in the community know what is going on.


   Burgess, a UAM music graduate, said he has done a little of everything - and still does.


   Burgess, employed by the court system full-time, also leads worship at North Side Baptist. Burgess is also a 12-year veteran of various radio stations around Southeast Arkansas.


   Burgess runs Monticello's Time and Temperature at 367-7777.  Listeners can access the time, forecast, both Drew Central and Monticello school lunch menus, funeral schedules, football scores and more.


    Burgess said the transition to news media has him excited about the growth of the paper.  In just the last two weeks, he said the site registered over 2,000 page views.  He said he hopes the trend continues.


   Burgess' plans include "rotating sponsorship," possible advertising modifications and more.


    Burgess said continued growth and more local news will be his goal. 


  "If I can put five stories up each day at least one of those stories should be of interest to every person," Burgess said.


   Burgess said he would like to encourage and use community involvement. So far schools and churches have given excellent responses, but he would like to get clubs and organizations involved, too.


   Burgess said reader participation and response to the discussions in the paper or submission of dissenting opinions would be welcome. 


   "You have to stand for something," Burgess said. 


   Burgess said MonticelloLive represents his desire for the community to know what happens around them. 


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