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Jazz Band to Perform

Linna Jones
Arts & Entertainment Editor 

    The jazz band will perform on KATV Channel 7 Nov. 1 at 9 a.m. and will perform on the Play It Again Arkansas Tour for high school in Arkansas and Texas Nov. 12, 13 and 14.

   The jazz band will perform on KATV as part of the program to promote the university. The band will perform three songs including “Summertime” by George Gershwin, “I Be Serious ‘bout Dem Blues” by John Clayton and “The Subtle Sermon” by Sy Johnson. The band performed on Good Morning Arkansas last year. Gary Meggs, director of bands, said the band received a lot of feed back from people who watched them play on television.

    Mark Spencer, dean of the School of Arts and Humanities, said the jazz band performing on KATV will provide a beneficial experience.

    “I think its great; its great exposure for them,” Spencer said. “It shows the viewers in the state what kind of talent comes out of UAM.”

    The jazz band will perform on the Play It Again Arkansas Tour sponsored by Arkansas’ Governor’s Music Program “Play It Again Arkansas.” The band will perform at nine schools in Arkansas and Texas. The Play It Again Arkansas program provides used instrument for students who want to play in their school band or orchestra, but can’t afford to buy an instrument.

   The band will perform "The Point of No Return" by Eric Richards, "Slam" by David Sanborn and "I Remember Clifford" by Bennie Golson. 

   Meggs said the crowd always responds when the band performs. 

   “(The audience) gets excited," Meggs said. "Kids and teachers want (the musicians') autographs.”  

   The jazz band played at 50 schools over the last five years in Texas and Arkansas. They grew from having only one band to three, tripling the amount of participation. About 20 musicians play in the first jazz band and many perform professionally.

   “Musician for musician, at the age level we have, we have most of the best jazz player in our band,” Meggs said. “(The) jazz band has reached such a level of performance.” 

   Many of the performers in the band performed in other groups, including Young at Heart Big Band, George Strait’s Ace in the Hole Band and Ezekiel 3:18, Meggs’s Christian band. 

   Amanda Kinney, math major, said it doesn't matter what kind of music, she just likes to play. 

   “I like to play music; jazz is just another type of music,” Kinney said. “It’s just another chance to play my horn.”


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