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Administration and Alumni Dedicate Weevil Pond & Walk

Linna Jones
Arts & Entertainment Editor

   Administration and alumni dedicated the addition of the Weevil Walk and the William E. Morgan Fountain to Weevil Pond Friday, Oct. 12.

Courtesy of Media Services

Dedication - Chancellor Lassiter speaks to a crowd at the Weevil Walk dedication.

   Chancellor Jack Lassiter recognized several of the donors, including architect Tom Fennell, former chancellor Claude H. Babin and many others in his opening statement.

   The renovation of the pond began with donations from alumni and the purchase of bricks, stones and benches. A $33,000 grant from the Arkansas Recreation Trails Program and an endowment given by the family of William E. Morgan, president of A&M from 1946-1949, helped fund the material. The family bestowed the endowment to provide for the upkeep and further improvements to the area.

   Vice Chancellor of Advancement Linda Yeiser explained the differences of UAM’s walk from others.

   “Ours (the walk) is different because of the individualization of the stones and bricks,” Yeiser said.

   Many of the alumni walked in the bricked area and reminisced reading the engraved bricks, finding old friends from their college years.

    Chuck and Linda Morris, UAM graduates, recalled what they liked about the school when they attended.

   “I think it was the closeness of everybody,” Chuck Morris said. “You knew everybody you came in contact with.”

    The area around the pond includes; a four-tenths of a mile walk and 19 sections with 38 large stones and over 4,000 bricks with only 748 engraved bricks, 33 trees, nine metal benches and several green benches donated by the previous graduating classes.  Fennel said the walk can hold at least 30,000 bricks. 

    The depth of Weevil Pond varies at each end and goes down to 1.6 feet; the north end of the pond reached the dept of 1 foot while the south end goes down to 20 feet for use in irrigation.

 Approximately 75 people attended the dedication.

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