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Linna Jones
Arts & Entertainment Editor 

What’s for dinner? 

   An unlikely ingredient found its way into a can of green beans; any guesses? Marianne Watson prepared dinner for her and her two sons; after opening a can of green beans, she found a mouse head. Yes, a mouse head. The company who canned the beans offered Watson $100 as an apology. Watson didn’t accept the  money, but wanted enough media attention on the matter, so the company would do something about it.

A Stinky Dilemma  

   A skunk in Carrollton Township, Mich., found his head stuck in a T. Marzetti's salad dressing jar. Officer James Kellett fired a pellet gun at the jar, from a distance, shattering the jar. The skunk walked away with the mouth of the jar around its neck, and Kellett gratefully didn’t get sprayed.


   Honey, a pregnant golden retriever adopts a 6-week-old kitten named Precious. The Martins, the couple taking care of Precious, feared she would die until Honey started nursing her. 

Stupidity at Its Finest 

   Now for yet another story-telling moment - three teenagers break into “locked vehicles” at 3 a.m. and steal items out of the car. Officers spot the car and the driver notices. The driver takes a right into the police station, and the teenagers get arrested. The moral of the story: never break into locked cars and if you try to escape, don’t drive into the police station.

A Smashing Proposal 

   Kevin Weaver proposed to his girlfriend Karen Slusser in a “smashing” way. He painted his proposal on the side of his car and mounted a stuffed bunny on top, promoting her rabbit-breeding business, with a stuffed ring attached and drove it in a demolition derby.  Slusser and family saw the proposal on the side of the car and her family cheered. Of course, she said “yes.” 


   Two unlikely joyrides took a candy-apple red Mustang GT toy car for a ride. Three-year-old Jordan Will took his toy car for a spin down a busy stretch of highway. Drivers and neighbors stopped and chased Will and his passenger down. After getting home safe and sound, Will can sit in the car but he can’t drive it because his father took the ignition key and battery.  During the drive, Will even obeyed the rules of driving. 

This Week’s Read

   “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells. Wells published the book in 1898 as a translucent commentary on capitalist society. Wells writes about a traveler who builds a time machine and travels 800,000 years in time. He discovers a world of peace, a world filled with harmony and bliss, but the traveler soon discovers the dark side of this bliss. 


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