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Public Safety Dispatcher Joins Campus

Susan Harmon
Staff Writer

Photo by Latoya Shelton

Dispatcher - Yvette Binns joins the campus community. Shelton works for Public Safety.

   The Public Safety office provides security and order for the campus, but the dispatcher remains unrecognized for her duties.

   Dispatcher Yvette Binns’ duties go beyond sitting at a desk. Binns answers the phone, dispatches information to and from the radio, handles paperwork and serves people coming into the office.

   “I read the job description when I applied and thought I can do this because I love working with the public,” Binns said.

   Binns admits her favorite part of the job is meeting people; dealing with the radio remains her least favorite aspect.

   “The only reason I dislike the radio is because everybody can hear you talking, and you have to be precise with what you are saying,” Binns said.

   Occasionally, Binns receives a call where the person has an attitude, but she never shows impatience or anger. This small inconvenience makes her somewhat stressed at times but Binns deals with it by talking with her friends and surfing the Internet.

   “I like her and she does her work well,” Public Safety officer Jeff Peebles said.

   Binns’ coworkers motivate her to perform her job to the utmost perfection.

   “I like her because she is easy to work with,” co-worker Tandy Trotter said.

   Even in Binns’ past employment, her work habits impacted her fellow employees.

   “Yvette is good at working out problems and is very organized,” Ebonee Bonner, previous co-worker, said.

   Binns worked at Burlington Industries for 16 years after graduating from Monticello High School in 1983. After her experience at Burlington, Binns began work at the UAM Central Warehouse. Binns started working as a dispatcher at the Public Safety office in May.

   In her spare time, Binns says she enjoys attending church and attending football games to watch her daughter Marchantia cheer.


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