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UAM Wins Bid for New Journal

Linna Jones   
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Photo by Latoya Shelton
Editor-to-be - Kay Walter, assistant professor of English, will head the Philological Review as editor. UAM will be the official of host of the journal in 2008.

   The University of Arkansas at Monticello won the bid to host the Philological Review.

   UAM bid for the scholarly journal after hearing Lyon College, publisher of the journal for 10 years, decided to pass it on to another school.
   Chancellor Jack Lassiter saw the journal as a good addition to the school.  

   “I was very, very excited," he said. "I appreciate Dr. Walter, Dean Spencer and Kate Stewart for wanting to do this.” 

   UAM made the only bid for the school following the pattern set by past bidders. University of Central Arkansas and Lyon College also made the only bid when they decided to publish the journal.  

      “None of this could have come about without the enthusiastic support of our chancellor,” said Mark Spencer, dean of the School of Arts and Humanities. “Dr. Lassiter was very supportive and provided a budget up front.” 

   The necessary requirements for a college to bid on the journal included being able to pay the cost of printing, having a qualified faculty member and staff to properly run it and providing opportunities for students to intern.

   The faculty members who will work on the journal include editor Kay Walter, assistant professor of English, and treasurer Kate Stewart, professor of English.  

   Walter said she thinks this opportunity will affect UAM positively.

   “Well, I think one way it will provide positive publicity for our school around the country, and it is going to provide students the opportunity to learn about journal publication,” Walter said.

   The publishing budget ranges from $2,500 to $3,000, which will produce a journal in the fall and the spring. When the school officially hosts the publication in 2008, a special third issue will go to print. This issue will include international scholars.

   Student interns will need to help send submissions to the panel of experts, need to have computer skills and handle submissions and subscriptions to the journal. Student interns need to be mature, responsible and have good organization skills. The experience of working in journal publication will also improve a student’s chance of entering graduate school.

   “There’s a lot of hand-on work in producing any journal, and I need someone I can rely on and trust,” Walter said. “I need someone who is a responsible scholar.”
   A panel of experts ranging from college professors from various schools will read the submitted work from interested scholars and two of the experts will need to agree if the article provides the necessary qualities. These qualities include clear insight and expression and something interesting to say.  

   Walter worked on two previous publications. She worked as an assistant editor for “Slant: a Journal of Poetry” published by UCA, which served as the host of Publications of the Arkansas Philological Association, now called the Philological Review. She also edited a journal she helped start as a graduate student at Texas A&M.


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