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Linna Jones
Arts & Entertainment Editor 

Not a Morning Person? Cockroaches aren’t either. 

   According to Reuters, cockroaches learn better later in the day than in the morning. Does that mean they are easier to kill in the morning? 

They're See-Through! 

   No, not a shirt. Scientists at Hiroshima University developed a see-through frog, an innovation to cut down on dissecting frogs and to study the amphibian without cutting them open. Question: Do they turn into transparent princes? 

Over a Phone? 

   What in the world? A woman who bought an 8-gigabyte iPhone filed a lawsuit for $1 million in damages over the lowering of the price for the phone. Did the price of a phone really cause her that much damage?  

Together Forever 

   Alabama couple, Alonzo, 97, and Beulah Sims, 94, celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary this week. The Sims’ marriage stands as one of the longest marriages among living couples compared to the 2007 Guinness Book of World Records. Now all together, "awe!"

Peter Piper? 

   Story, anyone?  At a Thai restaurant in London a smell wafted into the streets prompting evacuations, closing the streets and causing peoples eyes to water and their throats to burn.  Firefighters broke down the door of the restaurant and searched for the smell. The source of the stench - a batch of extra-hot bird's eye chilies left to dry-fry.  

Go Grandma! 

   An 86-year-old Washington woman refused to sell her 108-year-old farmhouse to a commercial developer. Offered $1 million for her home and property, she decided to stay put despite the noise of construction.  

Hello, Neighbor! 

   A man from Gasselternijveen came home one day to find his 53-year-old drunk neighbor in his home. The drunk neighbor soon discovered he went into the wrong house when his key didn’t work and his furniture was not the same. The neighbor greeted the homeowner at the door with a drink in hand. 

This Week’s Read: 

   “All Quiet on the Western Front” by Erich Maria Remarque: The novel tells about the horrors of fighting in World War II. It portrays the destitution of war torn country, the hungry and sleepless soldiers, the fear of battle and the freedom of death as the only means to escape the horrors war. It describes scenes of death and battle, and the ending will surprise you. If you don’t know what I mean, read the book.  

Coming Soon

  Buzzworthy will add “$5 Bin” to the page. The “$5 Bin” selects a movie found in Wal-Mart’s $5 bin and reviews it.  So, save money on movie rentals and find a new or old favorite to keep.

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