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Battle of the Bands Canceled

Susan Harmon
Staff Writer   

The Debate Club and Pi Kappa Delta canceled the 6th annual Battle of the Bands, previously scheduled Oct. 18. 

     “In order to maintain the quality that we’ve had in the past, we’ve decided to wait until spring,”  said Scott Kuttenkuller, Debate Team adviser.

   The Debate Club competes all over the country and invented this event to help cover the costs to represent the University of Arkansas at Monticello. 

   Senior Brian Rauls, Debate Club member, said the club uses the money earned at the event.

    “This fund-raiser is just us debaters doing our part to help out with some of the expenses,” Rauls said.

   The event initially started many years ago as a simple talent show, but in 2001 it grew to become what we all know today as Battle of the Bands.   

   “It’s basically a head-to-head competition that’s open to any type of band and when I mean band, it could be two people playing acoustic guitars,” senior Joel Brown said.

   Many different genres of music participate. Three guest judges score participants based on three songs, one of which must be a band original. The Jazz Band planned on entering the contest among others. 

   Battle of the Bands offers two awards to the winners. Judge’s Choice winners receive airtime on radio station Rock 102.7 out of Monroe. The Audience’s Choice receives a gig at The River Restaurant located in Monticello. 

    If you have any questions concerning the Battle of the Bands contest, e-mail Brown at or Rauls at for more information.

   “This is just a great event to showcase local talent and hear some great music,” Rauls said.

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