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Faculty and Staff Take Fire Extinguisher Training

Linna Jones
Arts and Entertainment Editor
Photo by Linna Jones

Fire Safety - Paula Reaves, reference librarian, works to put out the controlled fire started by the Monticello Fire department. Reaves and 10 others participated in the training.

    Library staff, two faculty members and a student worker learned how to operate a fire extinguisher and practiced putting out a controlled fire Sept. 27.

   Participants include library staff Paula Reaves, Helen Guenter, Kay Crook, Linda Forrest, Kathy Davis, Amy Becker, Mary Heady and Sandra Campbell; Assistant Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Ranelle Eubanks; a student worker in Academic Affairs; and Kelley Sayyar, instructor of chemistry.

   Director of Library Sandra Campbell said she wanted her and her staff to learn the proper way to use the extinguisher.

   “I have never operated a fire extinguisher, and I thought it was important for everybody in the library to know how to use one,” Campbell said.

   The Monticello Fire Department instructed right and wrong ways to operate a fire extinguisher. Capt. David English showed the wrong way by aiming over the fire. He then showed the proper way to put out a fire by spraying at the base.

   The fire department suggested the best places to hang a fire extinguisher, to have a class ABC fire extinguisher and where to purchase the extinguisher.

   Keith Van Dee, occupational safety coordinator, said the training went well.

   “Excellent Training - great participation by all involved. You can tell there was a lot of knowledge sharing and good questions from staff,” Van Dee said.


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