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Server Overloads Call For New Measures Regarding E-mail

Douglas Boultinghouse

Staff Writer 

    With a little over 4,000 e-mail accounts for students alone the problem of space arises. 

    With the amount of available storage space rapidly decreasing, action had to be taken in order to free space.

    The Information Technology Department at the University of Arkansas at Monticello has developed a process that will solve the issue of storage space.

    Starting Oct.1, all e-mails left in student inboxes will be deleted after 90 days.  The policy will not affect faculty e-mail accounts.

    “We [the IT Department] looked at several options, this seemed less painful than setting a fixed inbox size,” Bobby Hoyle, coordinator of the department, said.  

    “This way no one will miss an important e-mail,” Hoyle added. 

    Mail accounts should be checked on a regular basis.  There are numerous e-mails sent daily around campus.  If those e-mails are not read and cleaned out, they pile up in the inbox, slowing the server down. This causes the opening of e-mails in student accounts to slow as well.

    The new policy hopes to speed up the opening of e-mails.  Students are encouraged to delete e-mails from their inbox that are no longer needed.  Messages placed in the trash folder will automatically be deleted after five days.

    “This process is one that has been labored over for years.  It was not just a spur of the moment thing to inconvenience anyone,” Hoyle said.

   Do not fret losing important e-mails that need to be kept.  The IT Department has taken into consideration that certain messages from the UAM faculty and staff will need to be kept.

    A simple process has been set up to save those important e-mails.  To create a folder for those e-mails, follow these steps:  Login to your e-mail, place your cursor on the inbox icon at the left, right click on the inbox, select ‘new folder’ on the small box that appears, name the folder in the following window and then click ‘OK’.

    After the folder has been created, simply drag the important e-mail into the folder.  You can also right click the e-mail and select ‘move/copy to folder’ to move the e-mail to the folder.

    A visual tutorial of creating a folder and saving your e-mails will be released soon on the IT Department’s website.  As well as the tutorial, more e-mail notices reminding students of the new policy will be sent in the coming week.

    The IT Department wants every student to be able to have fast access to their e-mail accounts.  They cannot make this possible without the cooperation of the student body.

   Even before the policy goes into effect on Oct. 1 get in the habit of cleaning out your inbox.  Doing so now will fully prepare you for the 90 day deletion process.

    “Students need to regularly check their IT website for news of updates and outages, as well as tutorials that are added,” Hoyle said.

   If there are any questions, comments or for more detailed information please contact the IT Department by calling 460-1036 or through their website (


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