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Fire Extinguisher Training Offered for Faculty and Staff

Linna Jones
Art and Entertainment Editor 

   Faculty and staff members will have the chance to learn how to properly use a fire extinguisher instructed by the Monticello Fire Department Sept. 27. 

   The training will demonstrate how to operate a fire extinguisher and properly put out a fire. The Monticello Fire Depart will set up a controlled fire and let participants practice putting out a fire. The fire will burn in a metal frame and started with a mixture of gasoline and diesel.

   Keith Van Dee, occupational safety coordinator at the physical plant, said what he thought about the training program. 

   “A good idea, if you have a fire extinguisher, it will be a good opportunity to become familiar to know how to operate one,” Van Dee said. 

   A common occurrence with most fire extinguisher use, deals with the lack of knowledge when it comes to putting out fires. Many users do not know where to locate the base of the fire and sometimes panic shooting over the top of the flames.

   Jim Hudgins, director of the physical plant, said learning how to operate a fire extinguisher can prevent serious problems. 

   “The more people you have that are trained and prepared the less likely anyone is to panic and a small emergency won’t turn into a large one,” Hudgins said. 

   The Monticello Fire Department holds 4 or more training sessions a year and instructs interested businesses and organizations. 

   Fire extinguishers hang near exits or near a door way coming in or out of a room and come in four different classes of Portable Fire Extinguishers; A, B, C or D:

  • Class A extinguishes ordinary fires from wood or paper and marked by a green triangle or letter A.
  • Class B extinguishes flammable liquids or gas and marked with a red square or letter B.
  • Class C extinguishes fires involving electricity and marked with a blue circle or letter C
  • Class D extinguishes fires involving combustible metals and marked with a yellow star or letter D.

   Extinguishers may carry one or more rating depending on the current need of the area.

  The operation of a portable fire extinguisher goes as followed:

  • P- pull pin
  • P- point nozzle
  • P- press the handle
  • S- sweep side to side
  • Also, hold the extinguisher at an average distance of 5 to 15 feet for safety purposes
  • Check gauges to make sure it the tank reads 100 psi or pounds per square inch.
  •  And always aim at base


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