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Music and Magic Entertain on Family Appreciation Day

Photo by Eric Bell
The Sound of Music - The Choir sings at Family Appreciation Day. The parents of the choir joined them to sing the Alma Mater.
Linna Jones
Art and Entertainment Editor

   The University of Arkansas-Monticello choir and a magician entertained the crowd with music and magic in the John F. Gibson University Center Green Room for Family/Parent Family Appreciation Day Sept. 22.

   The choir performed three pieces: “Soon-ah Will Be Done” by William Dawson, “Red, Red, Rose” by James Mulholland and the Alma Mater. Chancellor Jack Lassiter invited the families of the choir to join the choir to sing the Alma Mater.

   Becky Gray said she had a good time. 

   “The choir was awesome,” Gray said. “UAM truly gives a family atmosphere.”   

Photo by Eric Bell
It's Magic - Jean Victoria Hamrick, cousin of football player Jonathan Hamrick, participates in the show. She selected a three of diamonds from a deck of cards during a card trick.

   Kevin Hurley, from Pittsburgh, Pa., entertained the crowd with magic tricks and slide of hand using every day items from play dough to rope. Hurley demonstrated the secret to one magic trick at the beginning of his show. 

   He also asked several people in the audience to participate. Hurley said he selected people from the audience by looking for those having a good time or who were bored.

   For one trick, Hurley asked if anyone had a $100 bill. A man in the back said he had a $100 bill and participated in the trick. Hurley asked the man to select a prize card and showed him the other cards. Then he asked if he wanted the money or the prize. The man selected the prize and received a lemon. Hurley cut into the lemon, and the man pulled out his money out of the inside of the lemon.

   Hurley also used a ring, a silk handkerchief, rope, ketchup and mustard and many more items in his tricks. He finished his show by freeing himself from a straitjacket. Hurley said why people find magic interesting.  

   “I think people find magic and hypnosis interesting because of the mystery,” Hurley said.

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